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FORUM > Listening to God > feeling down,? life\'s problems? troubled?. read this.

feeling down,? life\'s problems? troubled?. read this. From: derek leslie 18 Nov 2010 (20:17)
I have just put a link in the site.http:// www.angelfire.com/mo3/jeffleslie/
i have put it in here again because i think that its so important.
I myself felt a bit down because of life\'s problems. Then i prayed, and the next day I felt all day a warm internal feeling of Gods Love. And the Lord saying to me. remember that choose what happens in life, nothing can seperate us from God. nothing can. it came to me time, and time again.Also remember when ST Paul was in prison, he still worshiped and had Joy. later that night at 11 pm has i prayed, I felt the problem I was upset about lift from me. and I was filled with Joy. Praise the Lord.
Then out of the blue someone sent me the link above. when I read his story in the link, it made me realise how greatful to the Lord we should be. that our own life\'s problems are nothing compaired to his. (FOR MOST PROBLEMS THAT IS).
It brought tears to my eyes to hear him sing to God. even though he is paralyed
head down. I thank the Lord, that someone sent me that link. I shall always think of him the next time I feel a bit down and snap out of it. and praise the Lord. for his blessings.

life can still be good  From: June Ritchie 05 May 2011 (10:45)
your\' words brought back my greatest memories of the one of the most wonderful Christian friends Jim and I ever had. When we were called to Scotland we met and made lots of new church friends but only a chosen few became lasting friends worth sheer gold! The greatest of these was a young man who was paralysed in a road accident with everything to live for as a teenager. STUART!
When we returned to England he hunted us down. He came all the way down from Ayr to find us broke jobless and in a poorly furnished maisonette. His reaction to that was one that Christ would have he put food in our fridge and left money to buy furniture. But he was so spiritual too. The result of that weekend was a holy friendship that spanned 31 yrs during that time we spent times of great fellowship together from being a young man to his 50th birthday this man was our strength and our shield in many ways showing a side of jesus that nobody else could or did show us. He was the greatest giver we have ever met and had a love of God that glowed constantly. He was a marvellous prayer warrior and despite the fact he believed for it he never received his healing. though his faith shone out for it. There are some folks in God\'s family who are a spiritual tonic and an endless uplift to one\'s soul. I have always found it truly miracu;lous how one can be down low only to find God sends somepone to be a blessing and renew our strength the goodness of God is great and stuart is now in heaven and walking around with fullness of joy! GLORY!
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