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sign of the times From: David Dawson 04 Nov 2010 (22:24)
in rsponse to the feed back regarding the couple in Derby [see prayer requests]
Dear Sister Margaret and Derek L.Morley
thank you for reply, your absolutely right concerning the prophetic Word of God, and its very clear were in the last days according to 2 timothy 3;
i do sometimes wonder if im being being whimiscal in my concerns over governments being corrupt, immoral and ungodly, knowing that Father has everything under control, He has already seen today.[omnipresence].
We accept that God\'s many attributes as a forgiving, loving Father, but fail to recognise God the Father is also a God of wrath and our avenger.
Like you and many other believers, Do we follow the example of Jesus in the temple John 2V15
Or like Daniel do we make a stand against our masters Dan 6v7-16 or do we conform for an easier life,
God sent has placed watchmen in every generation to keep an eye on the wordly conditions we are warned Christ will come like a Thieve in the night 1 Thess 5v1-28
The only indicators are those outlined in scripture \'like the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomarrah\'. Yes we are only sojourners and need to keep focused on Jesus, but do we ignore situations because were christians and know were going to a better place and its only a matter of time.
Or do we pay what is Caesers and pay what is God. Matt 22v21.
This what ive been taught and has been quite easily to follow in the UK because we were a strong Christian nation. As we know the situations has changed, the new laws in this country for eg;. are condoning and supporting sexual immorality and homosexuality making it legal and a crime to stand a gainst it, abortion age extended, laws that will become illegal to be of one faith, basically to renounce Christ as the Son of God. Local communities banning the gospel being preached publickly;
It has been noted some Christian school children are being targeted by dialectic methods this where childrens understanding of there christian faith is challenged by emotional reasoning and persuasion, for example the Church is out of touch re; same gender sex, evolutionism, all faiths have the same god, etc.
This is a satanic attack on the body of Christ being brought upon us by atheism and the new age movement pushing for a one world government and only one church.
If we do challenge them are we causing a civil dissent and be threatened with a fine or jail time.
Do we obey these laws or do we lift up our shofars as watchmen and tell the sleepy christians and the unsaved Jesus is on the way and fall upon our knees Glorifing the Savior of our souls. ptl i think i know where we stand.

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Babylon days  From: June Ritchie 05 May 2011 (16:30)
As an author I wrote a book called \'Voice of Babylon\' very aware that the truth might have offended many. But it brought forth good comments and then was led to the Prophet Lance Lambert on the web to be astonished by the face that he had in fact prophesied this Babylon atmosphere in a very stirring prophesy it is easily found on Google. God is dealing not just with nations but with His people and in many ways His discioples are failing to heed it. We are under grace but still have to be aware that we are in a world where judgement is beginning to fall all around us. The time is fast coming when it will be \'Having done all to stand in order to withstand the wiles of the devil.
Traps and snares are round every bend and only by staying ever closer to Jesus will we see the dangers and avoid them. Daniel 11 V32 to 35 shows that we have to withstand all that would tempt and test us no one can doubt that these are testing times that even the openness to evangelism in England is going through a changing atmosphere. Saints falling into dishonour? Men\'s growing cold for that which is coming upon the world. Fight against worry and anxiety by faith.
Be strong and do exploits by the Holy Ghost. Then we will win through.
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