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STIR YOURSELF UP From: David Dawson 05 Oct 2010 (01:07)
Everyone experiences frustrations and disappointment from time to time. But some people tend to wallow in negativity, dwelling on painful memories or situations. Others quickly recover their joy, sometimes with apparently little effort. I do hope and pray this message helps you overcome any discouragement in your life.
King David knew how to overcome feelings of discouragement. Even in the face of tragedy, he “encouraged himself in the LORD his God” 1 Sam 30:6 He had learned how to put his hope in God in the midst of adversity.
In the book of Psalms, we can discover the method David used to overcome discouragement.
Let’s take a look at a few principles that show us how to encourage ourselves in God.

1. Be honest with the Lord. Life can be painful. Godly believers get ill, lose their jobs, and grieve the loss of loved one etc. When you feel discouraged, share your true feelings with God: “The Lord is near to all who call on Him; to all who call on Him in truth”Psalm 145:18. Talking to Him about your struggles is often the first step to healing and recovery. He does not want us feeling like this. His fruit is Joy, The Joy of the Lord is our strength
2. Don’t dwell on the negative. This might seem like a contradiction to “Be honest with God.” But there is a difference between expressing your negative feelings to the Lord and dwelling on them day after day.
3. We have to be focussed, here are some helps on how do you change your focus?
We need to look at what the Lord has done on your behalf and that you are thankful for things what He has done in your life personally, instead of looking at other believers.

4. One of the best ways is to thank God for what He has done for you.
In ps 13 v 1-6 David started of with a few negative thoughts that David expressed to God:
David got focussed and started praising the Lord for what he has done.
5. We need to develop our relationship more with God, going into your closet reading His Word. The more you know about the Lord deeper the relationship is so we can feel comfortable pouring out your heart to Him, regardless of how you feel
As believers in Christ, we have incredible spiritual blessings that cannot be taken away or destroyed. Eph 1:3 When life gets you down, remember to thank God for the benefits you enjoy because of your relationship with Christ. Focus on encouraging spiritual truths.

Read Psalms 3:3-6 Psalm 16:7-11..Psalm 32:1-2 Psalms 65: 5-13. Try and meditate at least one uplifting spiritual truth from these passage’s

6. Put your hope in God the Father not in a particular outcome, another person, or even your own abilities.
Although our families and friends can be wonderful resources when were going through trials or adversity, we must be careful not to place all our hope in them. People will disappoint us and let us down at times.
Psalm 146:3 says “Do not trust in princes, in mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.”

However, our heavenly Father is always available to counsel us, provide strength, and work on our behalf.Psalm 73:23-28
We need to trust in the Lord, He has everthing under His control Psalm 37:1-11;
I do hope this has being a blessing to you, and you have being encouraged in the Lord. Praise him.

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the enemy is apathy  From: June Ritchie 06 May 2011 (14:52)
Rising up and pushing away any vestige of lukewarmness. Seeing clearly that our walk is a walk of faith and not reliance on other people. Yes we all need friends but we need god so much more when the chips are down and no answers can be seen. To stand in order to withstand, to recall that murmurings caused the Hebrew travellors to fail time and again. Apathy is not feeling excitement in what God can do and is doing. But too much comfort can cause apathy. More op[enness with the body helps us to keep a fire in the soul. Hearing the cry of the poor and seeing clearly a lost and hurting world should rouse us to greater things and a deeper determination we can stir ourselves up and God is ready to help us do it.