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GETTING TO GRIP WITH ISLAM From: David Dawson 26 Sep 2010 (00:12)
Hi i would like to recommend a paperback by Steven Masood called MORE THAN CONQUERORS.[The author has written about him sharing and answering his new found belief to his moslem friend and family]
Lots of believers are [at last] becoming aware and concerned with the threat of islam.
Many dont know how to witness to a moslem except sharing there testimonies, but now they are beginning to realise they need to know a bit more about the moslem faith.
This book will help christians to be better prepared, and get a better insight on how to deal with the rebuttal of the christian faith from moslems.
This recommendation is great just for that person. It is out of print but can be available on ebay or amazon [even if 2nd hand and a bit scruffy grab it]
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