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FORUM > Other > Plans unveiled for Christian theme park in Mallorca

Plans unveiled for Christian theme park in Mallorca From: TREFLYN JONES 20 Sep 2010 (13:15)
Holy holiday! Plans unveiled for Christian theme park in Mallorca
Last updated at 9:45 AM on 16th September 2010

It may be a destination more commonly associated with cocktails and sunloungers but Mallorca is set to get Europe\'s first Christian theme park.
With live resurrections and a version of the last supper among the attractions proposed, the park is set to lure in tourists looking for a holy-themed holiday.

According to The Guardian, if planning permission on the €10 million development is approved, the park would be built in the quieter north-eastern part of the Island near the town of Capdepera.

Though the idea is not original, the theme park would be the first large scale Christian-themed park on the continent and is the brainchild of the company Sigma, which also owns similar parks in Argentina.

Read more: http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-1312204/Christian-theme-park-plans-unveiled-Mallorca.html#ixzz104TjIvQt

Christian Theme Park  From: Philip Lyon 26 Oct 2010 (16:41)
Of course there has been a Christian theme park in \"the home of theme parks\" Orlando Florida for a number of years. Originally independent, taken over by Christian TV network TBN a few years ago. They occasionally broadcast from the park.
I think I\'d consider a visit if this european one gets the go ahead.