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FORUM > Listening to God > praying for the nation(s)

praying for the nation(s) From: maryann 27 Aug 2010 (06:34)
just read about the prayer event that is going to take place soon,praying for the nation.......as mentioned earlier, i listened to some audio msg. yesterday from www.CARMEL ASSEMBLY - and heard a good one (from 2010 May.) where this guy (cant remember his name- a Russian jew) said that England was the nation who took the first initiativ to help the jews back to their homeland many years back, they had a big heart for the jews and did a lot of good which has given a wonderful result when we look at the nation of Israel today...and more are coming......anyway he said that England will be mightly blessed by God in these end times and a great revival is coming (i guess its already started ......in the shadows...) but go in and listen and be encourage......and remember PRAY for Israel.....\"Iwill bless those who bless me......

prayer groups  From: June Ritchie 06 May 2011 (14:18)
seems definitley time from my point of view for disciples all over \\UK to open their homes to folks they know are praying warriors and get together to stand firm togather fdor some good and depp changes here in England if we don\'t do it soon we may regret as the going gets tougher and the atmosphere gets colder. we have to stand against the storms.