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GODS PURPOSE IN OUR LIVES From: maryann 22 Aug 2010 (19:44)
Want to share some thoughts about Gods purpose in our lives, \"His will be done on earth as it is in heaven\".....and then how the devil will always try to destroy this....The evil one has always done this through the ages...when you really want to live for Gods purpose, satan is there, trying to do all, to destroy, its up to us to be aware of his tricks....If we check up history, Gods Word (old Testm) , we can see, that through the ages satan has always tried to destroy Gods purpose in life...he has always tried to stop Gods perfect plan for man. Adam & Eve where tempted and lied to - they fell for it.....(Gods perfect plan destroyed) And then you read about how the fallen angels went in to the sons of men and slept with their daughters, and produced GIANTS.....this was to destroy the messianic linage...then you have the last giant, Goliath, he thaught he could kill David (Christs linage) ...then you have the wicked false king Herod who tried to kill all babies under the age of 2 to destroy Gods will....then you have history, world war 1 and w.war II, in both the wars, the enemy tried to destroy the Jews - Gods chosen people to bring the message of Christ to the dying world..... WE are Gods children, His chosen ones , when we have accepted Christ as our Saviour, we are \"grafted in to the Olive tree\"........And then, when we are really \"hooked into\" Christ and know the secret of LIFE and want to live for HIM , then ,the devil is really interested in you, he will do everything to destroy....BUT remember,JESUS CHRIST IS OUR VICTOR....THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, FOREVER....I.E. HE IS OUR REDEEMER, OUR RULER,MASTER,MEDIATER AND OUR VICTOR, CONQUERING KING AND GLORIOUS GOD! SO we have victory in HIM \"no weapon formed against US shall prosper\" stand strong in JESUS NAME! - AND REMEMBER, WHERE YOU ARE \"TRIED\" MOST...THATS JUST WHERE GOD WANTS TO USE YOU, THATS why the devil gets so mad.......dont give him an inch!!!

God\'s purpose for an individual  From: June Ritchie 05 May 2011 (16:15)
It has shocked me for some years that the subject of getting in line with God\'s purpose gets so little response or interest. In 1990 after moving in answer to God\'s call I began to ask my new church friends if they knew what God\'s will was for their lives. The sad result was very few people recognised either their gifting or what Gods plan was for them. Okay so am fortunate have from the beginning had it made clear to me but why cannot other disciples as well.?
It pays to take a good look at one\'s life and see what you are filling it with that might hinder God calling you. Time has also proved in the diciple walk that God expects us to humble ourselves and seek His face for being shown His will for us. It seems so easy looking around that many disciples just pass on by in service without ever making sure they really are the right peg in the right hole. I recall a friend who was given a call to go to another country and sought God\'s face for it. she had gone up for prayer and God gave me a scripture for her from Jesus\' No man putting his hand to the plough and looking back can be my disciple\' I took the message to where she was praying but she never went and today is very limited physically etc. We need to hear the call and be ready to say YES.
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