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FORUM > Meeting Reports > STREET Market - la cala - 20th august.

STREET Market - la cala - 20th august. From: maryann 22 Aug 2010 (06:43)
We had a good day at the street market Friday , although it was real hot.....about 35 o - maybe more!!!...but we recognized a bigger interest in what we were doing and more people coming over......An English guy (man) in his 60 s ??? came over, i started talking to him , and he told me he had been a christian before, but had walked away because people had hurt him so much.....so he had given up.....i spoke to him a while and then asked him if we could pray for him and he said yes! , so we did, beleiving that GOD will renew HIS spirit within him now, he seemed a lot happier when he left.......SO, we must pray for NIGEL thaty he really gets a breakthrough and comes back to JESUS now - otherwise, another English man, having a stall quite near ours, he wasnt a christian and never has been, but he was interested, although he made as though he wasnt......i talked to him and i was suprised at all that i said (it must have been THE HOLY SPIRIT SPEAKING for me) cause the words just came flowing out, it made an impact on him, i could see, SO i beleive JESUS is really talking to him this weekend......PRAY, (he lives in Morairo)
And the a dutch woman, who was inquisitive, but she had let this \"new age\" movement take control of her life, and beleived in herself...but she was telling a lie, i could see she didnt really beleive what she was saying, and i beleive she will find the Lord Jesus Christ again......

Otherwise many Spanish people interested as well! - the door is open....we have to get hold of some English new testaments, and also some french and Dutch!!!