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FORUM > Listening to God > being ALERT to Gods WORD in these days,and sign of times

being ALERT to Gods WORD in these days,and sign of times From: maryann 12 Aug 2010 (11:29)
On Monday some WORDS spoke strongly to me, and since i have been reminded of them every day since, i must share: In Math. we read about ....those that have...even what they have, will be taken from them......... ive often pondered about these words, but i understand that what God gives us we must use to HIS Glory and not our own...we musnt dig down our gifts or say that we cant do anything, cause we can all do something.......and if we use our gifts the wrong way for wrong intentions from the heart, GOD will take away even what we have , we must step out in faith believing.........And then the wellknown parable of the lost sheep...Math 18....Gods Word says, to leave the 99 and look for that ONE!!!! .........THOUGHTS: HOW OFTEN dont we experience, in church or gatherings, that we are more occupied with our own desires, gifts etc. and wanting all kinds of things, and then hardly a thought for maybe that \"lost sheep\" is sitting in our midst........that is more important than all our gifts.........that is LOVE.......I remember once, many years ago, when i had newly come back to a relationship with Jesus, i met a lonely asian looking guy outside the church i was attending...i was on my way to a prayer meeting....i felt so sorry for him cause he was really alone...i spoke to him, his English was bad, but he was happy to come along with me, i invited him to come to the church, as we also had a cafe in the same building......when we arrived they were all busy praying, but had a pause just then.....i had asked the msn beforehand if he wanted prayer, and he said yes! ---well i introduced him and said we must pray for him........ WELL, i got quite a shock, because some of the people there showed obvious discontent with my intro. of this \"friend\" so they just carried on with their \"other\" prayers!!! i couldnt believe it, and was embarrassed on their part...i took the man with me and we sat and talked in the coffeebar ....afterwards some of my friends came and talked...they were also shocked at the behaviour of some.......anyway........we prayed for him and im sure God blessed him....and i really felt that this ONE MAN WAS MORE IMPORTANT THAN many of the other prayers that were said, cause that was just about succeeding in all they did...just think, GOD could have both saved and filled this one man that night if we had just been awake.........this is a special incident, and i trust it doesnt happen so much now anymore in this church........(wrong leaders etc) BUT it is an awakening call, that we must really be more alert to the lost souls than our own (often selfish) needs. \"One soul is worth more than the whole world) !!ps! the church is not in Spain!!

The 99 sheep i guess is a picture to warn the church, and the lost sheep is what should be nr.1 on our minds, thats what its all about; @ winning the lost at any cost@!!!

When I befriended a homeless person in Benidorm I took him to the local church where Maryann and many other TaskJesus memebrs fellowshipped and I was shocked at the lack of interest and care that the church (it\'s memebers) showed towards this person. READ THE FULL ACCOUNT IN MY TESTIMONY - MY MEETING WITH HOMELESS PEOPLE.

The church needs to lift it\'s head up and reach out sideways to touch other and stop reaching up to grab what they can for themselves from GOD.

Let us encourage through love and correct teaching each other to build desciples and bring more and more people to the knowledge of salvation and leading them away from the devil\'s clutches in Jesus name AMEN.