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FORUM > Listening to God > Deep cleansing

Deep cleansing From: Brenda Teal 05 Aug 2010 (17:22)
The following words were brought to me by The Lord on the 18th May 2010.I believe He is asking me to submit them to this site now.Please pray for discernment as you consider them
Deep,deep,deeper cleansing of your spirit,soul and body.The process is unpleasant and disturbing.I need to go back through the years to remove the old and speak forth the new. Yes I am bringing about My New Creation,as in Genesis,when I brought forth My creation which became corrupt because of mans will,I am now bringing forth My New Creation in you.So listen carefully to Me,meditate upon Me,listen to My instructions.Repent and weep for your sins and the sins of your ancestors,I must cleanse and renew and refresh.I have many people waiting to hear Me,but I must cleanse My servants and shepherds first.I am calling you forth to speak My Word in this town and nation.You are My beacons,and you will shine out for Me.You will raise up a standard,My standard, before My people.Pray for one another and encourage each other as your day of salvation approaches.I am raising you up as My warriors.

I believe The Lord is saying that He is pouring out a Spirit of repentance over the earth.May we humbly come before Him,asking Him to reveal any areas in our lives that need cleansing. May God Bless you. In Christ Brenda

praise the lord for a truth about repentance.  From: derek leslie 10 Aug 2010 (21:02)
Praise the Lord for a input about a need to repent.
because of the importance of repentance i have put my own input
in the listening to God section.
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inner cleansing  From: June Ritchie 16 Jun 2011 (07:53)
Inner cleansing is meant to be a very individual thing and not simply the repentance of the many. Each disciple has a time of examination in the inner man.
But many times it takes courage and boldness as well as a deep desire to become right before God in order to face our past and things that make us feel sad or even guilty. Guilt is a very real wounding process it destroys joy!It can affect every part of our attitude towards daily life and the people we love.
David talked of \'examining his heart for things that could offend God\'.
We are just as much needing to do that but it is neither easy nor a relaxing process. In some instances we can expect to be turned upside down. yet how glorious it is to allow the Spirit to search us and then to come to Father to be cleansed of all and set free. No more guilt or shame, no more anxiety.
no more trying to feel right when inwardly feeling wrong. Its a very honest process and david was a very honest man who was unafraid to let God reveal all his faults in order to be pure.
Theres always fear trying to prevent us! fear of others finding out how I really am. Fear of what others will think of me and if they will still love me. fear of what sacrifices it will take to change. Fear that comes with having to blame oneself instead of others. With those fears comes anxiety and the destruction of joy as well as the need to push all down that needs to come up and out into the open in order to be cleansed. Yes it takes much courage to see the truth about oneself and then make fresh efforts to put things right but the blessings of it are infinite and take us on that next step up the ladder of spiritual maturity. Yes, time for each of us to repent and seek to make changes for jesus is coming soon.
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