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FORUM > Listening to God > Healing the sick,the work of The Holy Spirit

Healing the sick,the work of The Holy Spirit From: Brenda Teal 22 Apr 2010 (19:47)
To continue on this subject,a true and accurate statement.As I understand from scripture,the commission of The Church is to preach the gospel of The Kingdom,heal the sick and cast out demons thus setting people free by The Holy Spirit who works through us.I have been in and out of churches for many years,and sad to say I have not seen The Commission applied,hence the state of our society, which is prophisied in scripture.I beleive God wants us to get real.stop messing about, come before Him in repentance,seaking Him only, not our familiar comforts,then He can show us all the areas of pride we must get rid of to be filled with Him,His Glory and manifest presence.May we come before Him in humility. God Bless you all

God\'s work is good  From: June Ritchie 16 Jun 2011 (08:25)
Churches are not the problem really but the people in them basically are.
However The teachings have much to do with what goes on and what fails to happen. With Greater freedom to the Holy Ghost in order for the people to rise to the challenge of holy living.
Looking back to my earlier years of salvation I see many things that bring joy to my heart and yet today my life is not what it was in those yesterdays of the power of God.
I can blame churches, ill health, or just simply advancing age, but the fact is my lack of power is the same as any other persons.
As an Christian individual I am responsible for me and no one else.
If my lifestyle is no longer exhilarating and exciting with healings and delivering power then it is solely myself that I must look into. The church of God is often seen to have many faults but the power comes upon the individual not merely the church.
A body of Christ that wants to be active will be active but only according to the number of individuals within it that take upon themselves the challenge and go for it. Living for Christ and serving Him well is the greatest challenge of this century but the disciple\'s determination to win will see them through.
We go on through the school of the Spirit and have to graduate to a higher place but many of us have got stuck in one position. Thats not the churches fault (though it can hinder) The question of service is; How much of me can the Holy Spirit have? And am I willing to give Christ my all to become perfected for service?
And then to strive spiritually to get it right as a cleansed and purified vessel of God. We can do it and the power of God is not diminished, only the power of the individual. Abundant life is what we need to get the job done.
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Healing the sick work of the Holy Spirit  From: pauline Tait 10 Mar 2012 (09:16)
I think it is easier to change the way a \'church\' works from within if people come to me who are sick ofcourse I care enough to listen but in the end all the advise I give is secondary to the fact that I am going to pray for u to be healed...well unless u refuse which is a sad state indeed my answer is always Jesus