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HEALING THE SICK, THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT From: derek leslie 21 Apr 2010 (20:43)
I feel that the Lord wants me to write this to encourage us to pray for people.
We do have to let the Holy Spirit work though us. though faith. i dont know if all will agree with what i am writing now. but i must pass on what i have learned in my christian walk.in praying for people. it may help someone.
we all pray for people in different ways,and have different ideas based on our theology
and experiance. the one thing that i learned was that i saw many pastors,vicars, ect
put hands on people pray a short prayer. then move on quickly to the next person.
(not saying it does not work this way). also when leaving from a home vist, will say a quick prayer before they leave. i call this a symbolic prayer. its whats expected when the vicar,pastor calls. (I am not saying they dont mean it).
But usely if we are honest, the person prayed for does not get healed. i have found a better result in general by doing the folowing.
when jesus prayed in the garden to his father, before going to the cross .he sweat tears of blood. he meant earnest business with God.he poured out his heart to him.
when we pray we should have a intensity of fervent prayer.
we must also have a emphany with the person.we feel deeply for them. tear our hearts for them. cry for them in our spirits. we must have a soft heart,love for them.
but the biggest thing i have learned is that to wait for the Holy Spirit to come, fall on us has we pray. its him that does the works though us.so place your hands on, and pray and WAIT. keep there dont move on, wait till HE, the Holy Spirit falls.
now you must pray for the gift of been able to sence, feel,to know when he has manifested.or you wont know when its the correct time.it will usely come in waves of energy, power. that will usely make you cry,and weep. as you keep praying it will come stronger and stronger, keep asking for more and more. at the moment that you feel a great wave come. then you command in Jesus name for the healing, deliverance, ect. then the person been prayed for will feel it lift from them. at the same time you to will feel it lift in your spirit.you will know its gone. before they even turn and tell you.thats how you will know with that confermation, that it was real.ie the feeling of it lifting.
I am not saying that a healing etc will happen every time. but this way seams to produce the most results,on the average. when you frist pray for people hands on. your faith level
will proberly be low. but as soon as you start to see results, your faith will rise though the roof.at frist it will be that you get a shock when you see a result. afterwards it will change to a shock if nothing does happen,the exact opposite. you will get to a point in your faith that you know something will happen in your spirit. not just think that it might happen in your head.then you will have got to a different level of faith.
I know that we can not go on feelings. but it is faith in that something will happen and expectency, that causes it to happen.
its also strange that in my experiance.that its rare that people i pray for get an answer to prayer if the manefestation of the Holy Spirit does not happen.and its rare for them not to feel better if he does fall. in church ect we all say that the Lord is here. what we have to learn is there is a big difference between the Lord been present, and the the Lord manisfesting himself. in the bible it says Jesus was able to do the miracle\'s because the Holy Spirit was present.it was the Holy Spirit that did the work though Jesus.he had left his position in heaven, and was reliant on the Holy Spirit.thats why he said i will send the Spirit to you, you will receive POWER WHEN YOU RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT.some understand that to mean the power only to evangelise by the Spirit making them bold.they cant accept to take it literaly.the Spirit inside you is the power of God to do the works that he wants you to do.
I know that we are all used by the Lord with different anointings and are used differently. i only write this to encourage and get us on fire to work for the Lord and see things happen.the kindom of God is a demostration of power not of words, says saint
Paul.1 corinthians 2:4 and 4:20 in the last days they will have a form of religon yet deny the power. how true this is. 2 Timothy 3:5
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A full glass  From: June Ritchie 06 May 2011 (15:10)
The saints of God have a choice to be being filled with the Spirit or just to have a one of experience and then let it lie. The Acts of the apostles are great in the fact that the anointing they had received at pentecost rested upon them from day one and never left. even so the names of them are not all used in the miracles we find there. They were all blessed am sure but only a chosen few were used. And that is what jesus said would happen it still counts today.
God is looking for surrendered beings. Saints who will give themselves daily fully up to Him and He uses that to show His favour on their life.
I have found a problem many times with folks who are too eager to pray healing over people they hardly know and sense a lot of the time that they are really eager for the glory that would come with the healing. Even so having endured that often there are folks who are being used genuinely by the Holy Ghost in this ministry even if only \'little cogs\' and that is a marvellous thing to see.
I had a fall two weeks ago and injured my arm besides being black and blue!
It was only improvin g slowly and in much pain especially in bed. I went to the task Jesus meeting and met an old friend Margaret Boler, in the chat I metioned my fall and she immediately put her hand out and prayed for it. I knew nothing but for the first time that night I was able to sleep on that side without any pain and bruises bagan to fade the next day I think it has a lot to do with the love of the person as well as how much Holy Ghost they have.
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an agreement  From: June Ritchie 28 Jul 2011 (11:39)
I do agree with William in this over years of service one gets guided as one is led to pray for people. Their needs are not the same and their faith is not always in the place of strength yet even if they are weak God heals instantly if he so decides. Who knows their needs better than himself? If God is sovereign he will choose to heal where He will for the healing power comes from Him. I venture to say it is all by Grace! especially when prayers are answered for unsaved folks. Theres nothing like being used by God in this way but it\'s to meet a need and not to make our egos grow. our prayer should be \'God keep me humble that I might still be blessed\'.

delays in healing  From: June Ritchie 28 Jul 2011 (11:50)
1 Peter 1 V6-7; Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness, through minifold temptations; That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.
How to keep faith when healing or help is delayed. Not an easy question to answer. and not always a clear path before us except for the exhortation that we are given to Stand Fast in the Faith! This is when our faith becomes much more precious than gold. Its best not to look for and expoect a smooth walk but definitley to look for a Victorious walk whatever our need is.
We are called to be overcomers in Christ Jesus. His is the power to overcome so we have to walk with Him in order to overcome as His followers. A fruitful life is one to be longed for but there can be more than one definition of a fruitful life. It\'s the Holy Ghost that makes it fruitful. So we need Him more and more.

Absolutely true, the Lord heals in many different ways.  From: derek leslie 29 Jul 2011 (21:03)
Absolutely true, the Lord heals in many different ways. He is a God of variety we should not expect to see the same results and manifestations of the Lords power every time. He will heal has he chooses to heal.
We do not have to experience anything ourselves or the person been prayed for. It can be as quick, as a simple few words of prayer.with no experiences or feelings at all.
I would like to clarify my original intention About my input, in case of any misunderstanding, So I have written a new blog, input.
Healing the sick the work of the Holy Spirit n2