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FORUM > Listening to God > faith and works

faith and works From: David Dawson 19 Apr 2010 (09:55)
read this want to share blessings
Faith and Works
An old boatman painted the word \"faith\" on one oar of his boat and \"works\" on the other. He was asked his reason for this. In answer, he slipped the oar with \"faith\" into the water and rowed. The boat, of course, made a very tight circle. Returning to the dock, the boatman then said, \"Now, let\'s try \'works\'without \'faith\'and see what happens.\" The oar marked \"works\" was put in place and the boatman began rowing with just the \"works\" oar. Again the boat went into a tight circle but in the opposite direction.
When the boatman again returned to the wharf, he interpreted his experiment in these strong and convincing words, \"You see, to make a passage across the lake, one needs both oars working simultaneously in order to keep the boat in a straight and narrow way. If one does not have the use of both oars, he makes no progress either across the lake nor as a Christian.

Works and Faith  From: IAN POOLE 02 Jan 2011 (03:48)
Hello bro David.

Yes you are right, Faith with works And works With out Faith, Is like adog runing after its own tail. POINTLESS.

So lets all not only have fiath but also be FAITHFULL ( that means to be full of FAITH,, faith-full )Always a pleasuer to read ur stuff, Some makes me chuckel, some makes me see the seriousness of wat the Lord is doing.

I mean u never give your opinion on things, But u give Jesus opinion.
Thanks brother Dave dawson.

agree!  From: June Ritchie 06 May 2011 (14:24)
A really brilliant illustration this and one to keep in mind. we have the epistle of james to keep us ever looking at both angles but many seems to forget it. It\'s fact that if I really want to bless someone I have got to do something in order to bring it into being. Praying for those in trouble is good but how about going further to help them out of a hole with loving provision. When will having all things common ever get back to the place it was in Acts.
We know we are on a Christian walk but how to always remember Christ\'s words of \'The measure you mete shall be meted unto you.\' That text not worked on enough or much more love and provision would be aroundto give God glory.
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