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ARE YOU PRODUCING FRUIT UNTO GOD? From: Daniele Luciano Moskal 11 Apr 2010 (16:25)
(Matthew 21:18-22) (Song of Songs 4:12-15) (John 15:1-6)

The production of \"fruit unto God\" is wholly dependent on the existence of
spiritual life in the soul: there can be no fruit whatever without it.
But, even where that life exists, the fruit varies.
God requires fruit, more fruit and much more fruit ---
thirtyfold; sixtyfold; or hundredfold.

To live without God is like living in a vacuum, limping through life. It is partial fulfilment. It\'s the difference between a pauper and a prince. It\'s the difference between a scavenger\'s scraps and the king\'s table. Spiritual life is God\'s life within us. There is a natural life and there is a spiritual life, and man was created to enjoy both. However important the things of time and sense may be, matters spiritual are of greater importance.

Jesus is the \"seeking\" Saviour - always on the lookout for hungry and thirsty Christians to fill with His Bread of Life, and the fruits of His Spirit. Jesus apart from being a carpenter by trade was also a gardener. He came from a gardening pedigree. He said in (John chapter 15, and verse 1): \"My Father is the gardener.\" Jesus is the Gardener and He operates in the garden of our hearts.

In (Jeremiah 31 and verse 12), He spoke of His wish that we will be like a well-watered garden. Just one drop of rain water that soaks into the ground is capable of producing plant life. As water is precious and valuable, and absolutely essential to the body, so is Christ vital for the soul of man. Without Christ there is an unsatisfied longing of the soul which only Christ can fully satisfy. The prophet Jeremiah in chapter 2 and verse 13 gave a message from the Lord, \"My people have committed two sins. They have forsaken Me, the spring of living water and have dug their own broken cisterns which cannot hold water.\"

The message is not out of date as some are still drinking dirty, polluted \'water\', instead of Christ\'s clear, pure \'living water\'. Some are still digging their own cisterns from which the water of satisfaction seeps away. But drinking of Christ, the Living Water, gives one an abiding satisfaction, a lasting pleasure and the soul\'s need is met.

Jesus said, \"If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink.\" (John 7:37). Why? Because Jesus is the fountain head of all fountains. We are the wells. He is the spring - He is the source. What a great satisfaction we can obtain from the living well that never runs dry!

How refreshing! How thirst-quenching! How deeply satisfying! Living water, liquid life, and eternal spring, a cleansing stream. Jesus is the Fountain of Life. You and I can take a spoonful, a cupful, a bucketful, a well-full, and still there\'s plenty more.

In (Isaiah 12:3) Jesus is described as the bubbling spring which presents a picture of joy. Yet in this main portion of Scripture of the Book of Matthew chapter 21 and verse 18, our Lord, the \'Bread\' and \'Water\' of Life was disappointed, He was hungry - He had a physical emptiness and wanted some fruit but there were none. The Fig-tree was taking in but not giving out. Its branches were soaking up sunshine. Its leaves were drinking in rain. Its roots were taking valuable nutrients out of the soil. Yet all in all, it was not producing any fruit. It was serving no purpose, yet was draining resources. So the Creator removed it by speaking to it directly. \"May you never bear fruit again!\" There is power in the name of Jesus!

I don’t know how spiritual everyone here is today, but there is one word that springs up out of this page, and that\'s the word \"UTILITY\". (read the meaning from English Dictionary).

In the economy of God, all living organisms function to produce and reproduce. Jesus Christ is constantly giving. He gives us joy in place of sorrow. He gives us perfect love that casts out all fear - He gives us sunshine for the shadow and gives us beauty instead of ashes. He continually gives. It is non-stop giving, ceaseless blessing and endless provision.
Why? Because He is our EL-Shaddai - the all sufficient One.

(Matthew 7:11 & 1 Timothy 6:17). When we think back in our own individual lives how much God has given us, it should evoke an ever-lasting response of gratitude. God is so good to us!

Jesus said, \"Such as I have I give unto thee.\" and \"freely you have received, then freely give.\" All He requests from Christians in this world is to produce His (spiritual) fruits in us, in order to produce ( gain) more soul-fruit, (lives) for His Eternal Garden in Heaven.

Fig --- means FRUIT IN GOD! If your not producing fruit, if your not seeking after His Kingdom; etc….then your life will be like a withered dry prune, a grape lacking the juice!

The intellectual man always demands proof. The enquiring mind requires evidence. The natural man wants to see and handle Divinity before believing. Yet, Jesus said: \"Happy are those who cannot see God, yet believe.\" God requires simple faith and trust in Him.

Mark 13:31

We continually need assuring. We need to be assured that there is ground beneath our feet before taking the next step. We need to know that the road is clear before crossing it. The assurance comes by using our eyes where things visible are concerned. But there are so many invisible things about which we need assurance. For instance, are you still loved by one\'s husband or wife?

Are your children being properly taught at school? In such areas we value any assurance that all is well.

Jesus constantly assured His disciples (us). He said in (John 8:12) \"I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.\" He said in (Matthew 28:20) - And surely I am with you always, even to the very end of age. Assurance is usually needed in the \"valley experiences, rather than when living on the mountain top.

Isn’t it wonderful to know child of God , that He is a God that never changes and He assures us continuosly – everyday by His Word, the Holy Bible that we can live a fruitful life when we walk the path of obedience and righteousness for His names sake.

(c)2005 copyright Daniele Luciano Moskal - \"THE PEN OF A READY WRITER\"