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FORUM > Listening to God > THE CACTUS PLANT

THE CACTUS PLANT From: Daniele Luciano Moskal 11 Apr 2010 (16:15)

A half-withered, distressed-looking cactus plant used to lay in corner of my dad\'s large garden shed, and one day a next door neighbour payed him a friendly visit asking him, \"What it was doing there.\"
\"It is no good\", was my father\'s reply. \"It\'s never ever flowered!\"

The neighbour thought it might not have had a chance to do so, so he asked my dad another question, \"Did you ever give it some warm water?\"
After some gentle but quite firm persuasion my dad was eventually persuaded to let the plant stand in the corner of the kitchen of our house, and to water it with slightly warm water everyday, whereupon by a miracle the cactus revived itself and put out a wealth of beautiful flowers.

All the cactus needed according to our next-door-neighbour was more kindly, loving attention, treatment, and patience to mature. And isn\'t this just so with a good number of human beings or new Christian believers? Wasn\'t that one of the great unexplainable yet undeniable mysteries of Jesus Christ of Nazareth?
He touched people\'s hearts with the \'key-flower\' of loving kindness, and men and women who had seemed hard and bad, became better and gentler as He spoke to them with love and compassion - and many outcasts and despised, rejected persons were made apostles and saints of God.

There is a name you and I know very, very well, that of Saul, the once so-called \"bad boy\" of Tarsus. You know the \"murdering one\" that some people said could never change until he went on a pinic to Damascus and met with a loving, kind, gentle and patient teacher.

My LORD, what a store of abundant treasure was opened when You, the No 1 Flower-of-all-flowers of love, mercy, and grace touched his heart and soul and mine!!!

(C) 2005 copyright Daniele Luciano Moskal - \"THE PEN OF A READY WRITER\"