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FORUM > Listening to God > HE\'S REMARKABLE

HE\'S REMARKABLE From: Daniele Luciano Moskal 11 Apr 2010 (15:03)

Touch my body, Christ divine,
Lay Your healing hands on mine.
Let Your power cure my ills,
If it be Your holy will.

Touch my soul O my Saviour dear,
Let me feel Your presence drawing near.
Clay that was in Your control,
Once became a living soul.

Touch my heart O Precious King,
That I\'ll just have to dance and sing.
I\'ll become just like you, speaking your Word,
And with that thought, my heart is soul-stirred.

Your changing me from day to day,
To do the things You wanna do and say.
Your just remarkable in everything,
O Lord, my God, Halleluyah I sing....

(CHORUS x 2)
\'Cause Your remarkable, I heard your call
Your remarkable, You spoke to us all.
He\'s remarkable, He wants the whole world too,
To join up with Him in life, born anew!

(Repeat song and chorus and adlib and fadeout)

(c) Copyright 2005 Daniele Luciano Moskal - \"THE PEN OF A READY WRITER\"

A song is written from the heart, from experience of love, life and pain. A song can touch one\'s heart, a song can make you laugh, make you cry, make you happy, make you sad, and make you dance. A song has a life of its own and I am glad to be part of bringing God\'s love to so many and touching their lives!!

***PS*** I feel from my heart that this song would best be suited to Christian Country music style.