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HE IS ABLE! From: Daniele Luciano Moskal 11 Apr 2010 (14:58)

In the Book of Jude, in the New Testament, there is a verse of Scripture which is so powerful, so profound and most of all so true. Verse 24 reads: \"Able to keep you from falling.\"

As we children and saints of the Most High God continue our daily walk along the narrow path that leads to heaven, we need to be made aware of the three most important matters which affect our eternal well being. The Holy Bible clearly tells us that the road we walk upon is not an easy road; it\'s a road with trials and troubles and many potholes and dangers!
So often the road is a slippery as black ice in winter-time and is so easy to stumble, slip and fall. But, when disaster awaits us we have a helping hand - the mighty hand of Christ Jesus.

Christ is our Rock of Ages, our Refuge, our Strong-Tower, our very present help in times of trouble or trials and tribulations. He and He alone is well able to keep us afloat from the drowning dangers of life. Our duty is to lean on Him, and trust in Him and keep more closer to Him. When we distance ourselves from Him then we are a sure recipe for disaster. We must not only follow Christ\'s footsteps but we must follow the Person. If He promised He would never leave us or forsake us and would be with us in our time of need, then we must put our total 100% dependance on His promises and absolutely (not by power, nor by strength, nor might but by His Spirit, saith the LORD), none of our own dependency!

When Peter the fisherman believed Christ\'s promise, His Word, Peter stepped over the waves. When he depended on his own strength he started sinking under the waves. Christ is our \"Cling-film\" our \"Teflon\" and we must cling-on to Him and Him alone, only then can we experience His divine ability to keep us from sinking in the mire again. Without his help we perish or fall badly!

The more we know our Saviour, the more we will experience His everlasting power. The less we know Him then the less we will experience His awesome power. Only His divine strength enables us to subdue our enemies. Our proneness to sin is only manifested when we are not hooked-up to Christ. But held up by His everlasting almighty arm we cannot fall. Grasped by the loving hands of Christ we are more than conquerors who lives and reigns within us. He is well able to do the \"super\" - in the natural because He is the supernatural all powerful, all knowing, all important, everlasting, ever-loving God who has the whole world in His powerful hands!!!

(c) 2005 copyright Daniele Luciano Moskal - \"THE PEN OF A READY WRITER\"