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ELIJAH THE RAIN-MAKER From: Daniele Luciano Moskal 11 Apr 2010 (14:55)

\"So Ahab went up to eat and drink. And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel; then he bowed down on the ground, and put his face between his knees,and he said to his servant, \'Go up now, look toward the sea.\'\"

The vast crowds had finally departed but God\'s \'Prophet of Fire\' - Elijah, the man of God remained on the beach. For my Master yet another mighty work of prevailing prayer was about to begin in his colourful life; it had not rained for a whole three years in Israel!

I watched Elijah bow down in the sand and put his disturbed face between his knees and began to pray and wail earnestly. Somehow he seemed to know that Yahweh was putting his faith to an even greater test. Was Elijah able to open the cataracts of heaven as he had been able to close heaven\'s rainfall? All Elijah had was God\'s promise. He had been given the weapon of prevailing prayer. This weapon enabled my Master to start the drought and I thought to myself, \'would the same weapon cause the drought to cease?\' Only time would tell.

With his face buried between his callous knees the mighty test of faith took place in the soul of a Prophet down at the beach. I looked on in reverance as my Master prayed with passion - sweat pouring from his lined brow. My thoughts were rudely awoken to his call, \"Go on up the mountain and look out towards the sea, and see if you can see any rain clouds coming!\"

Leaving Elijah behind I walked along the beach to the path were I would begin my climb, gazing forever upwards at the clear blue skies. There wasn\'t any cloud in sight, just the odd gull flying here and there. I rested at the top of the mountain and looked out towards the sea and then down at Elijah who was now sitting up on the beach looking towards the horizon. I still
couldn\'t see a single cloud in sight when I heard the voice of Elijah again shouting and waving his two hands at me to return.

Coming down from the montain top as quickly as I could my report wasn\'t welcomed, \"What do you mean, you saw nothing?!!\"

Elijah wasn\'t very happy and I couldn\'t believe it when he gave me his next instructions. He only ordered me to climb the mountain not one more time but seven times in all and report back!

There still wasn\'t anything in the sky, no cloud at all and it was my sixth climb and descent. But, the seventh time I started to climb the same route up towards the top, I believe I saw a tiny small cloud that resembled a man\'s clenched fist!

I hurried back down the mountain heading back to where Elijah was sitting on the beach with the good news, \"Master I have seen the sign of the coming deluge!\"

After hearing the news we both hastened down to the King\'s palace and Elijah conveyed it to the King, \" Your majesty, King Ahab the sound of abundance of rain is heard and is coming fast!\"

I had seen the sign with my own eyes but Elijah, a praying man had heard the sound of rain in his spirit-man. The sound to me was just small only a very small cloud not bigger than a man\'s hand but to my master the sound was a thundering rain approaching the beach. Hence the next thing he spoke to the King, \" My beloved King Ahab, don\'t let the rain stop you from going about your engagements around the country!\"

Alas, I can honestly tell you because it has been written in the Book of KINGS. Yes, it has been recorded in all the history books that the rain came, and it came, and it came ....... and what a rainfall, what an out-pouring, what a deluge of water!

My Master Elijah was not only a \'Prophet of Fire\' but now the whole nation of Israel were calling him Elijah the \'Rain-maker\'!

He had outraced the King and his chariot, even the wicked Queen Jezebel, all the false prophets and the nation. His strength was like Samson\'s in this test down on the beach. Now my Master - Elijah had accomplished and a tremendous victory had been achieved - he is now \"Elijah the Rain-maker!!\"

(c) 2005 copyright Daniele Luciano Moskal - \"THE PEN OF A READY WRITER\"

  From: Ayo Oderinde 13 Apr 2010 (21:06)
This is very interesting, God bless you brother.