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THE THREE TOUGH - \'WILL NOT\' DIE GUYS! From: Daniele Luciano Moskal 11 Apr 2010 (14:52)

\"Shadrach, Meschach, Abed-nego answered......O king we will not serve thy gods\". (The book of Daniel chapter 3 verses 16, 18)

The testing day of faith had now come for these three young tough Hebrews guys. Now the question was , \'Were they going to compromise or corrupt their faith and the commandments of God - one and two and, bow down to a foreign god, to the image which Nebuchadnezzar had set up?

NO! , because they were \"Will not die\" tough guys. They had the power of God inside of them and refused to bow, bend, or even burn!

By receiving deeply into their hearts the unending love of the Almighty God of Israel, their minds were already made up. They had swore their allegiance to Him, and Him alone. They had no intention of throwing in the towel of defeat or raising up the white flag of surrender. They were known as the three tough - \'will not\' die guys; they didn\'t want to be known or accused as traitors. They belonged to God forever and God belonged to them forever!

The \'cord of three\' was not going to be broken - the bond of agape unconditional love had been deeply rooted and forged in the testing fires of affliction. By the grace of God and their love of their Father in Heaven, they were unshakable, unmoving and unbending in all their ways . They were the three tough - \'will not\' guys of the covenant!

They had already counted the cost. They knew there was a price to pay for loving the One and Only True God. They were not going to be persuaded by anyone or anything. They did not budge an inch, they stood firm with their heads held high, adorned in the apparell of Chief Governors of the State. They had a motto inscribed deeply and richly on their hearts - it simply said: \"No surrender to idolatry or foreign gods or false religion!\"

The three tough - \'will not\' die young Hebrew guys would not listen to king Nebuchanezzar\'s commands, instead their reply was heard loud and clear all over the plains of Dura: \"O king we will not serve thy gods!\"

I would have loved to have been present in the palace the moment the three young Hebrew guys gave their answer! Just to gaze upon king Nebuchanezzar\'s face would have been such a great sight, the moment these three young men in perfect unison shouted out those words. I can guarantee, without a shadow of doubt the king\'s face would have turned completely red as a tomatoe with rage in front of his most distinguished guests!

One thing about the three tough - \'will not\' die guys was their deep unshakable faith in God. It was victorious faith and 100% steadfast trusting faith in a God who could deliver them from all their enemies!

Listen to what the three young heroes replied: \"Our God is able to deliver us
(us implies more than one) from the burning fiery furnace and He will deliver us out of thy hand O King.\"

Now, let me remind you child of God: This is the victory which overcometh the world even our faith. Let us all by God\'s grace make up our minds, count the cost, be ready with the answer, and get the victory through faith.

Now say this prayer: Lord Jesus Christ make me a tough - \'will not\' die guy for You, and You alone. I want to join the gymnasium of tough faith in You, AMEN!

(c) 2005 copyright Daniele Luciano Moskal - \"THE PEN OF A READY WRITER\"