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FORUM > Listening to God > THANK GOD FOR THE WHOSO\'S!

THANK GOD FOR THE WHOSO\'S! From: Daniele Luciano Moskal 11 Apr 2010 (14:47)
\"Thank God for the Whoso\'s!\"

The Book of Proverbs the book of wisdom has a portion of Scripture which says, \'Whosoever trusts in the LORD, happy is that person.\'

WOW! What a powerful portion of text! And, what a trust as well, and what a conclusion - \'happy is he\'!! .

There are no boundaries, no limitations and no barriers found in this portion of Scripture. It is another one of those blessed \"whoso\'s\". I thank God for the \"whoso\'s of life!!\". Why? , because my friend that means you! That includes the richest, the poorest, the vilest, the filthiest sinning sinner on planet earth. No person alive can or dare not put up barriers on this word. God Almighty Himself says the \"Whosoever\" and that means you and it means you. And when the Lord says \"Whosoever\", praise God that includes me!!

Trusting in anyone or anything is done with the heart. It is heart action and it should be the heartiest action of a Christian to put their soul trust and believing heart in a God that has promised \'to meet and supply all our needs in Christ Jesus!\'

For \"with the heart does a man believe unto righteousness\"

For a Christian the absolute necessity or acquirement is divine supernatural joy; this is the happiest possible acquirement. A joyful and happy Christian is one that trusts his God 100%, every way and every day in Jesus Christ\'s faithful name!!

(c)2005 copyright Daniele Luciano Moskal - \"THE PEN OF A READY WRITER\"