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Listening To God – Prayer time @ 8 pm 20/7/06 My childr From: Keith Evans 20 Mar 2008 (12:00)
Listening To God – Prayer time @ 8 pm 20/7/06

My children, My children,
You worship me – and that is right – I AM WHO I AM –
Your Lord and Saviour!
Listen My children, listen. . .
You have been called by name –
You have been called to fulfill a purpose –
The purpose is to listen to me, your Father God.
I will speak out at the time I need to speak out.
I will give you the words I need you to speak out to the nation!
Do not narrow your sights!
Continue meeting together in the presence of My Spirit –
(This is needful to build each other up and support each other) -
as I lead you into deeper and deeper things of My Spirit.
Do not be afraid, precious flock, I am with you. I am with you.
When you sense and know My Spirit among you –
That is the time My children, that is the time to be still and listen.
I love you My children, continue on in My love.

Listening To God – Prayer time @ 8.30 pm 20/7/06

While meditating on Matthew 13:44-46- The parable of the Hidden Treasure & the Pearl

The people of Wales were once like the man who sold everything to buy the field.
They found the pearl of great value . . . . and sold out to Jesus . . . .
Generations have passed and the pearl is once again lost to the nation.
(Not to My precious ones – but to the nation).
I am raising you up to be (My prophetic) people who “Sell all” and encourage others to do so.
You are My chosen.