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THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT HARRY POTTER BOOKS From: Daniele Luciano Moskal 08 Apr 2010 (17:25)

Millions of American and British schoolchildren have a new subject in school: sorcery! Through the Harry Potter series, the ancient occult practice of sorcery and witchcraft is being introduced in almost every public school in America and Great Britain. Scholastic Inc., the largest publisher of childrens books in the world, is supplying Harry Potter materials to millions of schoolchildren. Scholastic Inc, is using its unrivalved position in the educational system to flood classrooms and libraries with wizardry, repackaged as Children\'s fantasy literature. Teachers are encouraged to read the Harry Potter books aloud in class, and millions of children are being desensitised to the dangers of the dark occult spirit world. Through Harry\'s world of sorcery they are learning the occultic tools of occult visualisation and soulish mind power, wands, brooms, spells and curses.


Here it is, in their own words from a few of the thousands of children interviewed :

I want to go to wizard school and learn majic. I wouldd like to learn to use a wand to cast spells.(
Dylan, aged 10)

It would be great to be a wizard because you can control situations and things like teachers.
(Jeffrey, age 11)

I would like to go to to wizard school and learn majic and put spells on people. I would make up an ugly spell and then its pay-back time.
(Catherine, age 9)

I liked it when the bad guys killed the unicorn and Voldermort drank its blood. (Julie, age 13)

I feel like I am in Harry\'s world. If I went to wizard school I would study everything: spells, counterspells, and defense against the dark arts.
(Carolyn, age 10)

Stop and think: what will these children do when invited to visit an occult website, or even a local satanic coven?

What are the Harry Potter books and films really all about?

Harry Potter books are about a young 11 year-old generational wizard, Harry Potter, who attends the prestigious 1,000-year-old occult boarding school, Hogwart\'s School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. All his teachers are practising occultists, and tutor their students in the dark arts of sorcery and divination: fortune telling, astrology, potion mixing, spell weaving and curse casting.

Harry Potter is a world that says drinking dead animal blood gives power, a satanic human sacrifice and Harry\'s powerful blood brings new life, and claims demon possession is not spiritually dangerous, and that passing through fire, contacting the dead, and conversing with ghosts and others in the spirit world, and more, is normal and acceptable. If you are a parent reading this I urge you not to allow your children to read these satanic books or go to watch these satanic films because that is all they are, nothing more and nothing less; their just introducing your children to witchcraft and satanic practises.

GOD LOVES CHILDREN. Please do not let the devil steal yours!!

From \"The Pen Of A Ready Writer\" - Daniele Luciano Moskal

Harry Potter dangers  From: June Ritchie 04 May 2011 (10:30)
The first two of my replys have been prevented from taking part in this but this is an urgent and a very real subject of danger to children so I plod on to get my views and agreement with Danielles view emphasised.
God is with this friend\'s view and so am I because of personal experience and my own personal experience proves the dangers of it.

Warning bell on Harry Potter  From: June Ritchie 04 May 2011 (10:35)
See that your\' child at school has an imagination and it can be led into danger or good things of God. Had my parents guarded my own mind against reading dad\'s books on the darkness of occult I would have been a happy not fearful child and not been given to constant nightmares often nightly.
Had my parents known the dangers of such evil in the home I would not have grown up with a fascination for occult which was hard to get rid of.

Harry Potter dangers  From: June Ritchie 04 May 2011 (10:41)
We Christian adults have allowed this woman writer to flood the land with such evil food for our youngsters and not fought against her in prayer or sought to warn her of judgement concerning her activities re the authorship of them.
By the power of God we could have stopped her at the outset and not risked our children growing up to teenage with minds like sewers unclean and ungodly. But its not too late to sit down with the kids and explain the evil and pray with them for truth and protection. Had that happened to me I would not have feared the dark even as a married woman nor have been delivered of a spirit of fear in the years of my salvation. When you see dangers for your\' kids ring the bell blow the trumpet, keep them from evil or see worse to come.