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FORUM > Meeting Reports > task jesus event 31/3/10 [own personal comments]

task jesus event 31/3/10 [own personal comments] From: David Dawson 01 Apr 2010 (22:35)
What another great night a gracious welcome from the task jesus team; there was two wonderful testimonies one by Pat O\'rourke who shared a testimony of searching the truth, through her endeavour to seek out the truth Jesus met up with her at an important ladies aglow meeting. Full of joy she shared with us how the awesome power of the anointing oil of the Holy Ghost fell upon her.ptl. Now she is a dedicated servant for the Aglow ministry.we need to continue to pray for this great evangelical ministry.
After a short break of refreshments [ thanks for those unseen hands that prepare this refreshment]

We had another heart tearing testimony from sister Violet who graciously shared with us her testimony, of at the age of 7 [in her parents 1 room only shanty hut in south India], At that young age she understood without Jesus there was a lost eternity. She told her mum and she adviced Violet go and talk to Jesus, With her child-like prayers she recieved Jesus into her heart and life.
Violet testified much of how God has helped her and she felt a calling to go into all the world to preach the Gospel, but her first port of calling was her home town in India with support from her dear husband Nigel. They have bought some land and memebers of her family have built a small building there ready for her to permanetly reside and pioneer the work of God, she also will be setting up a small medical unit, teaching area and chapel.
Violet is self supporting and didnt ask for money only our prayers , she asked in particular for an area of ground to be released to her which can be used as a christian cemetry. She explained, this has been a great concern for many
Hindus who want to convert to christianity, they have questioned if we become christians where would we be buried [ this means a great deal to Hindus] as the Hindu cemetrys do not allow other religions to use the same burial ground.

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