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NO.2 PRINT OFF FOR EVANGELISING From: Suzi Clucas 23 Mar 2010 (16:36)


Many people blame God when something bad happens, but they don’t thank God when something good happens. Many people blame God for things, but they don’t believe He exists the rest of the time. The bottom line is: God is GOOD and loves ALL, even those who seem unlovable.

Some people get angry with God when they lose a loved one, but God knows every decision everyone will ever make. It could be possible that the person was \"Taken away to be SPARED from evil,\" as it says in the Bible. It is possible that something may have happened in the future to persuade that person to totally reject God. It is possible that the Lord knew that the only way that person would accept Him and make it to heaven is if he allowed them to pass away how they did (people can call to the Lord from their heart in the last moments and we would never know). It is possible that it was the only way that the rest of the family would seek the Lord and be saved.

The Lord always brings good out of even the most painful situations. This is NOT to take death lightly. It is to comfort. Most people know the extreme pain of losing a loved one.

With regard to little ones, I firmly believe they go straight to Heaven, as they are not old enough to make a decision about Christ. The bible says of little ones that their angels always see the face of their Father in Heaven.

Sin separates us from the Lord. Sin is anything which goes against the Word of God. If we do things which God’s Word says not to do we can put ourselves into the devil’s ‘firing line,’ thus removing ourselves from God’s full protection. God does NOT want this to happen, but He gives us FREEWILL. We cannot blame God for any consequences if we make immoral or poor decisions, and we cannot blame God if we do not believe in Him!

Often, God has to ALLOW things to get really bad for people because He KNOWS that is the ONLY way they will cry out to Him and be saved. Do you see how much He loves us? He won\'t interfere with freewill, but He will do ANYTHING to save us from an eternity in hell. His ways are unfathomable.

The Bible/all Christian denominations; such as the Church of England, Catholic, Pentecostal, Methodist etc, teach that Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven- that the only way to God the Father is through God the Son- Jesus Christ. You may not believe this, but as one Christian said to a well-known atheist… “What if you are wrong?… Where will you spend eternity?”

God loves you SO much... God IS LOVE. Would you like to talk to Him now? Perhaps you could begin by saying this prayer:

“Dear God. Thank you for the Cross. I ask You to give me revelations of Your kindness and great love for me. Please forgive me if I have done anything which Your Word says not to do. Please help me to stop doing those things. Jesus, I receive You as Lord and Saviour. Please send Your Holy Spirit to be with me forever. Thank You. Amen.”

Have you said the above prayer sincerely? Yes? Welcome to God’s family! You now have brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world and Heaven is rejoicing over you!: \"...more rejoicing in Heaven over one sinner who repents...\" (Luke 15:7).

God will guide and speak to you through His Word. Perhaps you could start with the gospel of John (any New Testament Bible). When you’re ready, it will also help if you attend a Bible-teaching Christian church (ask God to give you the right one). The more you read God’s Word, the more you will hear Him gently speaking to you.

Please share God’s love by passing on this leaflet. Thank you.

Together in Christ!

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Thank you!  From: Suzi Clucas 16 Apr 2010 (12:54)
Thank you for your wonderful messages about this entry! The glory is to God- they are His words (He has put His words in our mouths). Thank you Lord. God bless!

PS: Print and distribute this entry to bring people to the Lord.