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SONGS FROM A DUST-HEAP! From: David Dawson 28 Feb 2010 (03:47)
\"Thy dead shall live!\" \"Awake and sing, ye that dwell in the dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs.\"-- Isa_26:19.

This cheery summons to wake up and sing is pointing to those who give up and allowed themselves to become religious and exist in dust! The Christian church is full of those who are contented to sit in the dark cells of disappointed love and faith, or who have failed in their life\'s purpose, like Bartimaeus, blind and reduced to beggary. [Mark 10; 46]

Eyes have been blinded-folded from Hope, heads are downcast, and hearts are torn in rejection. They find there Christian walk difficult to make way through storms and dust clouds.
They can only reflect on the good times of the past hoping for the yesterdays, due to this many have felt they have failed and become broken, thus allowing themselves to be content to sit down in the dust of lifelessness and despair.

It may be that you have lost all sense of God\'s nearness and love--not because of any known sin, but through physical weakness, mental exhaustion, or the loneliness of sorrow and suffering.
It may be that you have been seeking an experience of God, instead of God Himself. You have been seeking Him without, whilst He is within.

It may be that you are perplexed by the mystery of unanswered prayer. \"O my God, I cry in the day-time, and Thou hearest not; and in the night season, and am not silent.\"* Yet it seems the Lord has not heard your prayer because you didn’t receive an answer straight away, your prayers seem like lost in outer space. *[Psa 22-2]

It may be that your calling or ministry has not happened or come to fruit yet. As the months and the years quickly go, you become more disillusioned. You feel heart-break when others seem to march forward and you feel its not going to happen to you
Let me encourage you and pass on to you Isaiah\'s words: \"Awake and sing, for thy dew is as the dew of light.\"
The dew is of the Grace and Love of God. Instead of dust there will be dew, which falls so gently and silently over dear saints who wrestle with this problem. The more dry and weaker the area in your heart, more tenderly does the dew caress it!

Even to graveyards it extends its gracious operations, bidding them awake and sing with the certainty of Resurrection.

Sing! Rejoice! Give Thanks, because your moods, in Psa 139-2 the Psalmist called \"down-sittings,\" do not affect your standing in Christ. Psa 42; 11

We are all subject to fits of despondency and discouragement. \"The Lord hath chastened me sore, but He has not given me over unto death. Open to me the gates of joy, that I may enter into them, and praise the Lord!\" Psa 118:18-19. BLESSINGS

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AMEN  From: richard keane 02 Mar 2010 (10:53)