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FORUM > Meeting Reports > manchester New Year Celebration 30/1/10 report

manchester New Year Celebration 30/1/10 report From: Pat O'Rourke 03 Feb 2010 (12:14)
Thanks to all who prayed, we had a wonderful celebration, with Davey Falcus as speaker. What a powerful testimony of a changed life in Jesus! We had 96 attend and many unbelievers, 4 got saved and 2 testified to being healed!! God is so good!The setting up of this Manchester chapter of Aglow International has been hard and costly with it being a city, so it blessed my heart to look across at the sea of black and white faces, all listening intently to this powerful story of what Jesus can and is doing today! All glory goes to HIM!!!! What a mighty God we serve!!! Just to mention, the first person to put his hand up led a life simalar to the one Davey Falcus used to lead. In other words, he was a hardened criminal, had been in and out of prison most of his life and this was his first \'christian meeting\'!!!!!!He said \'that guy was telling my life story!\'
Is our God awesome or what???!!! Such grace, such mercy, that he would have that man there at that meeting...it could have been any speaker, but it was Davey.
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