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Godfrey Birtells From: David Dawson 06 Dec 2009 (02:40)
a dear bro introduced me to this singer song writer 3yrs ago Godfreys lyrics are stimulating and poignant i originally didnt like his stuff but i took time out and changed my mind and when im a bit down he fires me up, his live concerts with full band gets me all excited and fires up. some of his stuff is downloadable on youtube or his web site just type Godfrey Birtells. be blessed

Godfrey Birtell Music  From: Eddie Baker 15 Feb 2010 (10:47)
I have heard a lot of Godfreys songs and for me he is a very gifted and annointed singer who stirs people with the words of his songs,music is one of the ways of reaching the lost,this man is something special.

Godfrey Birtill  From: Pat O'Rourke 16 Feb 2010 (22:51)
I\'m a great Godfrey Birtill fan, if you have a problem that seems to be overtaking you....put Godfrey\'s music on, and don\'t sit down to it!!!! You gotta do something!!!You soon get eyes off the problem and back on our awesome God! If you are interested, Stockport chapter of Aglow International are having him speak in May, 3rd monday in the month, £11 cost inc.s lovely dinner.Open to ALL....We\'ve also got him at our Aglow conference in March! Every blessing, Pat O\'Rourke