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NK and Beyond Mission From: jackie Hutchinson 12 Nov 2009 (18:05)
We are a mission to the unreached people of the earth, In North Korea where so many people live in abject poverty, thousands are starving for want of a little food,We are a registered charity, and our goal is to raise awareness of the persecuted church in places like North Korea, even in China where few find refuge there are sex trafficers in wait for the vulnerable lives of the escapees from NK.We visit churches that open their doors to hear cry of these the most persecuted people on earth, not since the Holocaust has there been a people persecuted whose rights are violated and dignity stripped like the N koreans.We raise awareness through a Short DVD presentation, We also have in place a number of prayer houses, one in Manchester, others are in the infant stages throughout the nation, and one here in Warrington. If you have a heart for the people in other nations who are suffering and would like to hear more of how you can help and what you can do to help, please contact us on 01925631819, ask for Jackie. Or if you would like us to speak at your church and awaken you to the needs of the persecuted church please call........Without the church standing in the gap in prayer we cannot hear God on behalf of the people, prayer requires many people giving their supply, will you join us ?
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