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The heart a treasure store From: June Ritchie 24 Nov 2016 (10:59)
As Christmas nears it seems time to meditate not only on the reasons why Jesus came, but also about how much His sacrifice has changed us for the good!
If we ever see the headlines, we become very aware that life for many people is proving exceedingly short both the famed and the rich. It doesn't matter. We are all vulnerable and can too easily be wiped out in a moment of time. The reasons for such deaths can be much varied and often accidental, even a sudden illness can come along and claim a life that's being much enjoyed. But it seems to me that such stories of premature death should be teaching all of us to make very sure that our personal life is one that pleases God and leaves a good result behind it. We can praise folks to their face when they are alive, but what needs to be looked at is ; Will the world at large miss them overmuch when theyre gone!
Yes! the heart of every disciple is a treasure store, full of the issues of the time or the season, both it's needs and it's pleasures. But is it Jesus centred? or merely Christmas centred with all of it's pleasant trappings, or Easter centred with loads of feasts, chocs and Easter eggs for children. We are fast becoming a nation of overweight people who rarely stop to think about the starvation and lack of water in the Third world. And why not? say the selfish, after all life is for the living, especially if it holds no shortages of edible joys. Parents plunged into a nightmare as their kids let their gift desires be known and the worry of meeting the cost belongs to mum and dad! The heart that loves Christ is not meant to be solely focussed on the work or expense Christmas brings, if it's a giving heart it will be looking to do more than that and in places where no thanks is given. The Saviour in Matthew's gospel sums that up pretty well, as He explains that God is kind even to the unthankful and the unholy. And that the best point of being a giver is when we don't expect anything back. Do we really believe our rewards come from heaven? Are we ready this holy season to ask ourselves are we truly living a worthwhile life fit for Christ's rewards? If the treasure we are holding within is the right one. Then each of us will be able to give ourselves an honest answer but only if we care enough to examine what is hidden there. Yes life is short I have been made aware of that in 2016. but being ready for Christ's return is not just about Christmas. For that was a lovely beginning but not an end. Let us face the truth about ourselves and our life for there won't be a chance to repeat it. Do we want heavenly rewards or the applause of people and the profit that goes with it? I hope this year we will examine our heart store and be able to give a right answer before God. Who sees all things and knows all men. blessings to all this Christmas . Junex
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