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FORUM > Meeting Reports > Task Jesus Meeting 29/09/16

Task Jesus Meeting 29/09/16 From: pauline Tait 02 Oct 2016 (02:52)
I arrived at the meeting on time but I had to have a quick word with someone this took longer than planned so I missed the worship time and the speaker. However I then went in and had many encouraging conversations and I hope I encouraged in return. I* recall that a vital part of Treflyn's remit from God so to speak was to created not a ministry of works but of workers. Networking has always been part of TaskJesus. The meeting was and always is attended by some wonderful inspiring Spirit filled believers I encourage you to come along if you are within travelling distance that is.If not I further encourage you to watch a selection of DVD'S I have been doing that recently and I have been so blessed. I thank all those who have contributed and most of all I thank Treflyn and Ann and our God who is their supply. I pray for them and encourage you to do likiewise