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FORUM > Meeting Reports > Kenyan Updates (8th - 28th August

Kenyan Updates (8th - 28th August From: David Boucher 26 Aug 2016 (09:42)
Dear all,

Thank you for continuing to pray for me. Here are the last few weeks highlights:

1. Men's Group
For the past couple of weeks we've been looking at the foundations of prayer, and how we shouldn't be using it (vain repetitions, using "in the name of Jesus" as a magical phrase - ie we tend to tag it onto the end of our prayers like some magical incantation, thinking there is power in the actual name Jesus, when in actual fact we use it as a short-hand to remind ourselves that we should be praying in the will, purpose, character, personality and his very being (1 Jn 5:14-15).
2. Cell Group
I've been continuing on teaching sessions on what type of fool are you for Christ, as it takes at least 4 weeks to get round each of the groups. Today I don't know if it will be another group or a group I've already seen - so I'm going armed with something else too that builds on this theme.
3. Sundays:
I've spoken at Matunda and Beyenya PEFA churches the last two weeks and on Sunday will be preaching once again at Lwanda my home church here. At Matunda, I again focussed on being fools for Christ, with a more evangelical edge and at Beyenya started looking at 1 Cor 3:10 and spoke about restoring foundations of the altar. The Lord reminded me of the recurring dream I had some months ago when I first arrived here - so I've gone back to refocus on foundations again.
4. Mother's Conference:
Last week, all the mothers in the district had a conference. I was asked to close out the conference and sum up the week's teaching. I did so, by the Lord's leading and gave a message that was a challenge to keep making room for the Lord and not to allow the little foxes to come in amongst the vines and spoil the fruit that would come from this week. I was also asked to pray for and lay hands on the senator (government) representing all the youth in Kenya who visited that day also.
5. Spare Time:
Last week I was also privileged to attend a pre-wedding - this one was rather like our receptions (speeches from many family members on both sides, the cutting of a cake and the presenting of gifts to the couple). The actual wedding ceremony was two days later - so they do it the other way round to us in England. I shared a prophetic word with the couple about how God was going to give them a "bridge building" ministry as a couple.

I was also very privileged to be allowed to lead a man with suspected throat cancer to the Lord on Tuesday morning. I of course laid hands on him and prayed for healing too. I praise God for this miracle.
Friday - Cell group, with the Bishop and Deacon.
Saturday - Sunday School Training, followed by keyboard and choir practice.
Sunday - preaching at Lwanda PEFA church (will involve sharing with the Sunday classed and youth group).
Tuesday - Men's group: continuing a series on prayer
Prayer Requests:
Please pray for:
1. continued wisdom in knowing what to share and where.
2. the Lord to teach me patience, and knowing when to just pray and let the Lord act on a situation
3. For the people on the street, who struggle with their daily lives, my friend the tout (Koki Junior), who drinks heavily to forget his sorrows (I think he's also taking drugs of some sort) and who was also recieved a nasty head injury last week from falling luggage. Please ask the Lord to heal him and set him free.
4. That God will continue to use in me praying for the sick and seeing them healed. I'm always praying for them.
5. For the man with suspected throat cancer, that he will indeed have been healed and will keep his walk in the Lord.
6. For the provision of bibles - logistics.
7. And finally for me personally, that my needs will continue to be met as I faithfully serve the Lord here.
Your brother in Christ, and hopefully a faithful servant in the Lord

The Recurring Dream (w/c 16 May 2016)  From: David Boucher 26 Aug 2016 (09:48)

In fact I've had a recurring dream this last week in which I am in a house, and I am there to fix something that is not right. I'm in the hallway, which has flooring which is not level, with sudden drops (broken floorboards) - these are all covered by a carpet, so one cannot tell where they are unless one lifts up the carpet and 'exposes' them. When I find a hole, I place boards over it and lay down the carpet again. I have a book (an instruction manual) in which I make more notes in, each time I fix a 'crooked' place in the floor. Each time I have the dream a strange thing happens the back of the book is covered in layer after layer of soil. I think it an odd thing that it should be there. But the last time I had the dream, out of the soil, all different kinds of seedlings were beginning to sprout up.

I'm aware the Holy Spirit is showing me why he brought me to Kenya. That I am here to somehow share in the work of "straighten up the crooked" places that his people fall into when they stray from the hallway (passageway - highway - narrow path of life). They do this because they cover up their sins and flaws instead of exposing them to the Holy Spirit to heal and restore. So he is sending me to lift up the cover of sin and exposes the weaknesses in character and then help fix them (whether it be via teaching, or preaching or ministering in prayer and the spiritual gifts that operate through me). And at the same time, to relay foundations. I am here to make crooked paths straight and put the plumb line up and in partnership with God provide the right tools and equipment to straighten up the lives of his people. In so doing, God will plant seedlings of all kinds into their hearts which sprout and grow up to bear fruit as I faithfully serve him here.