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FORUM > Meeting Reports > Weekly updates from Kenya (1 - 7 August)

Weekly updates from Kenya (1 - 7 August) From: David Boucher 08 Aug 2016 (08:03)
Dear all,

Please allow me to apologise for last weeks rambling email, apparently I went off the deep-end and became too "preachy" and long winded. In an effort to try and solve that, I'm going to from this week change the way I write.

This email will just have the bear bones - Itinary and prayer requests (if I can manage that). I will then place a link to a website where I will sharre my more in depth thoughts and details of what's been happening here. Hopefully that will allow you to choose how much you want to read, or not read.

Last Weeks Report:

1. Men's Group
We continued to discuss traditions and customs at the men's behest, where I made a strenouous effort to point to scriptures and Jesus, to let them make there own minds up.

2. Cell Group
A good teaching session was had on what type of fool are you for Christ. Contrasted the four (five) types of fools found in Proverbs and linked it to 1 Cor 26-27 and James 1:5, and challenged them to be fools for Christ and go and share his message of wisdom - the cross, to the needy and unsaved. I especially emphasised that God gives wisdom to ALL who ask (even non-believers, when they humbly come and ask) and that he does it without reproach (chastising, scolding etc), so how dare we judge the drunken man on the street or the prostitute and think we are better than they.

3. Sunday:
Preached 5 seperate sermons (albeit, 2 were to the different age of Sunday School, one to the youths and one to the worship leaders about the importance of leading worship) at Nyorotis Church. The main sermon was about being fools for Christ again, as I felt it had godly timing for challenging believers to share the gospel.

4. Spare Time:
I've spent a couple of afternoons this week in Matunda town centre, building relationships with some of the people on the street, making friends with some of the shop keepers and generally just sitting with them, getting to know them, watching how they hustle to make enough to feed themselves for the day, and sharing tidbits of the gospel as we talk. My hope is to use the relationships I'm building to invite as many of them as possible to church this Sunday at Matunda where I will be preaching.

Tuesday - Men's group: strarting a series on prayer
Friday - Cell group, representing the Bishop and Deacon, as well as teaching what the Lord lays on my heart.
Saturday - keyboard and worship training seminar - I'm running it. followed by choir practise.
Sunday - preaching at Matunda PEFA church (will again involve sharing with the Sunday classed and youth group).

Prayer Requests:
Please pray for:
1. continued wisdom in knowing what to share and where.
2. the Lord to teach me patience, and knowing when to just pray and let the Lord act on a situation
3. For the people on the street, who struggle with their daily lives, my friend the tout (Koki Junior), who drinks heavily to forget his sorrows (I think he's also taking drugs of some sort) and who was also recieved a nasty head injury last week from falling luggage. Please ask the Lord to heal him and set him free.
4. That God will continue to use in me praying for the sick and seeing them healed. I'm always praying for them.
5. For this weeks keyboard/worship seminar - we need a breakthrough here so they can learn to lead ppl into the presence of the Lord. Too much emphasis on praise.
6. For the provision of bibles - I hope to sort the buying of 20 bibles this week.
7. And finally for me personally, that my needs will continue to be met as I faithfully serve the Lord here.


Your brother in Christ, and hopefully a faithful servant in the Lord