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A Free Nine Week Youth Course (A Matter of Principle) From: Keith Ingham 26 Jul 2016 (08:48)
A Matter of Principle is a 9-week Youth Course that challenges the moral standards of its participants. This has been over a year in the making and constitutes well over a 1,000 hours in its comprising and first publication. For those who complete the nine weeks it presents the Gospel in one of the most challenging ways possible. It allows participants by use of their mobile phones interactive discussions where fair and honest appraisal can be made regarding: Creationism; Evolution; and how we should moralistically live our lives.

Although it is Youth orientated it brings Truth; Life; Light for all ages whether young or old; or a Christian or not. Many an adult who has assisted on the course has commented about its insight and depth that has helped them in their walk. Why not book this 9-week youth development course “A Matter of Principle” – A course that brings the world views together and allows the young people to put them on trial to see what really makes sense in today’s society? Creationism or Evolution? What they will have to face is a moral standard that will change their very core.

This course is offered free, but donations welcome.