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FORUM > Listening to God > The nails an insight to deeper loyalty

The nails an insight to deeper loyalty From: June Ritchie 03 Jul 2016 (12:21)
During a visit to Facebook over the last few days I found a picture posted on there of the nails that were of the type used in the crucifixion. The very sight of these fills me with grief to think of what my Saviour suffered for my sins.
Last night late on I picked up a new book to read for awhile its a collection of stories of women all over the world who are suffering for their faith in an unjust and cruel society. None of us are blind we are aware that in many countries such persecution goes on the book itself gives an incentive to pray for those who it describes as suffering badly. It left me in deep thought as I went to bed. Even so before I even arose this morning our Father woke me up with the image of the nails used to put |Jesus on the cross. I was so blessed and in awe as He took me step by step through all the pain and suffering as well as every word spoken by the Saviour as he lay there each part of His body described. The words He used as the whole thing played out before the watchers. Nothing was missed out and I saw we have never felt such a degree of suffering no not for faith. The martyrs revelations refer to are waiting for the blessed moment Christ returns and more must be added before that happens so we are informed yet still we would like it to stop now before it reaches us in a personal sense. Still the thought of the nails lingered and my reaction to the feet and their pain is so significant for me in a personal sense. Hospitalised for a knee replacement I was to undergo a test to see if there was a blood clot in my leg.
Wheeled into the room to waiting female Dr. who warned me not to move an inch then stuck a large needle in my FOOT! walking away to study the results on a screen leaving me crying out in agony unable to move or escape. It was one of the worst moments of my life I wept after it for nearly an hour just like a child with Jim just holding me to comfort me. I had got through that terrible test by crying out my Saviour's name. I was told that in our hands and feet are many tiny nerves and these would be what were affected by that intrusion. Can you see it ? A needle is so different to those awful nails that Jesus bore! We owe Him so very much and should be ready to suffer on His behalf. But finally the thought came reminding me of Christ's own words there on the cross when he cried out My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me! I've heard it explained that this was the time that Jesus had to be separated from God's love because of our sin laid upon Him. That separation from His Father made Him cry out in agony. Needles have been a trial in my life from being young but the pain is helped because I always focus on the Lord Jesus. How blessed we are to have this relationship let's please keep the Saviour close as this country faces it's new upheavals. We win through by faith and dare I say it? A TOUCH OF THE CROSS. love to all Junex

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