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BREXIT From: David Boucher 27 Jun 2016 (12:48)
Somebody said to me on the morning the Brexit results became known that it looks like the political system is collapsing. Well if it is - and I doubt it - it would be no bad thing. But by collapse, I simply mean "a clearing of the political house".

OK, in the short term, the vote for Brexit maybe a bit hairy, and hence a big risk, but also it is a big opportunity.

We English like to pride ourselves on being the underdogs, and that we do best as underdogs. Well, in the next few years as the dust settles from this campaign and it's outcome, we will find out.

Perhaps more importantly, the outcome of this vote was directed by God (whether you agree with or believe that or not - is irrelevant). It is directed, because as a nation we have chosen independence, to go it alone - again. A brave, but also arrogant stance to make. We have led the European nations yet again - in being the first to step out, as it were. I state again, this was a God ordained outcome, which will lead to us being humbled as a nation. We will once again learn that our pride will lead to our downfall, but in that downfall, we will have an opportunity to humble ourselves again and turn back to the God whom we have rejected over the last 150 years. In so doing, God will again raise us up as a nation. Or we can choose to remain stubbornly obstinate in our arrogance and sink even further as a nation. I pray that we choose the former - this is the real option being laid before the British people over the coming days, weeks, months and years as our politicians enact our wishes as a British people.
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Whilst not wanting to use this forum for political discussion, I believe that Brexit was a release for the British people from a system which would ultimately grow and grow into a tyrannical ruling power.
I know that there are those who may have preferred to stay within the EU and I believe that time will prove that we have been set free. Praise God
On the morning of the result I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off this country.
We need to continue praying that God will now raise an anointed voice for this country which will bring about HIS righteous changes.

treflyn speaks sense  From: June Ritchie 03 Jul 2016 (12:06)
Treflyn is indicating the sense of new freedom that many of us should feel because of this decision to walk away. God held to our hope and didn't let us down despite the numbers the goodbyes won. yet there are too many protests causing strife within England as a whole and there seems to be no one in authority to come fully into the open and deal with the full truths on the matter.
Unless we gain leaders of truth and integrity we are left floundering and that's not what was planned at all! We have failed to pray enough for our govt and the fact now is too many secrets and too much strife within parliament. quarrels do not make good bed fellows where peace and prosperity is concerned we have a chance now to get down and pray hard for a strong leader to take us on to a new phase and in humility to ask Gods help to silence our protesters with revealed truths they need to know about the EU as a whole. Our country is trying to split up and that's not ideal in Gods eyes we need unity desperately only prayer can change this matter from where it is. May the Lord show us the way forward as we cry out to Him. Happy Sunday Junex

Similarities   From: David Dawson 07 Jul 2016 (14:46)
Harsh reality is we can see through the political scene the End of Days . So There is cross overs between both the two systems.
Whilst in prayer over the topic mentioned and watching WW wide upheavals in preparation of NWO etc.
In reflection
I thought how would the UK fare against some of the things happening in the middle east and the eastern bloc and Africa nations . I considered our modern day troubles with N Ireland Falklands
Then a jigsaw started forming in my head (not literally)
Let me share what formulated :
The uprising in the middle east and how will it affect us besides oil. Over the generations thrte has always been conflict with Islam and there desire to make the whole world into an Islamic state.
As the muslims gained favour out of the guilt ridden western world for its demand and stealing resources slavery and attempts to catholicise the people.
These Conclusions started forming ;
Sunnis = working class majority
Shiites/Shia =ruling class minority.
Take the religion aspect away Brexit v Remainers
Bible says nation shall fight nation .many assumed nation will fight foreign nation . In reality it's nation fighting within .As in Syria, Eygpt, Libyia etc
The Brexit vote being disregarded by ruling class who control all the media .will there be an uprising .
If Scotland get independence and given entry to EU ...Calais will move to Scots corner and Hadrian's wall will be rebuilt and border posts
Northern Ireland will conform or be sold out Dublin.
This conflict is only precursor to what is happening.
Satan has openly made a mockery of the Christian Church in the UK and other nations.
He has openly changed the morality by changing what is wrong into a right and right into a wrong. You can see the distrust people have against those in power to do the right thing.
Why didn't the younger end vote towards leaving EU ..,Simply were in the last days they have been subliminally groomed that UK is not sovereign , and not capable The grooming started when christianity was kicked out of schools all faiths are the same buddah mohamed krisna satan are equal and on the same par as Jesus the Son of God and there is no difference with each other. Objective to diminish the that there is only ONE GOD a TRIUNE GOD and is SOVEREIGN all POWERFUL MERCIFUL AND IS FULL OF LOVE AND GRACE. They try to diminish CREATION to contradict that JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD AND THE SAVIOUR OF MANKIND to deny there is no SiN and there is no need of REDEMPTION or FORGIVENESS of sin. They belittle CHRISTS RESURRECTION. and ASCENSION .
Making people believe there is no such thing as HOPE no PEACE no such thing as HEAVEN or HELL. .
Her Majesty ELISABETH has failed to up hold her Coronation oath. And failed to stand up for her beliefs , spposedly Christian.
If she said something what would happen she would unite this nation bringing it back under the authority of God Almighty .

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similarities  From: shereen A Leech 08 Jul 2016 (13:59)
About the Queen : I have a feeling she is not that far or deep into our Christian faith and probably doesnt share in a Bible class. Maybee she is impoverished in this way.
What do others think ?


Shereen x

Speak no evil of dignitaries  From: June Ritchie 10 Sep 2016 (12:55)
That's what the bible tells us and we too often fail to keep that instruction but it still stands. Parliament or the Queen! we are also instructed to pray these same areas so that life becomes more peaceful and less strife loving well we all have the Christian answer to that too we must be failing miserably if we read the signs well. Bishops, Popes and Arch Bishops all are needy before God and all should have the prayers of their pew sitters. There is no peace without a transformed life.
Those in authority carry a sad responsibility before the Lord God. Would I wish to gloat ? No ! its a need for prayer that the truth will set them free and at the same time remember that theres a difference between disciples and the Pharisees which will never change. We cannot save them from themselves but we can pray and seek to save those who will be saved. Each person follows God in the light they have and that is where I leave our Queen who I respect greatly if there is wrong teaching in her church going life it starts at the top with those who preach at here and that grieves me immeasurably. So what is the answer its simply to continue praying the Lord;'s will be done in their lives so that grace can abound in them changing them from the outside in or vice versa. Just the change let it be done its so needed we pray it our or face the consequences. GOD IS STILL GOOD IN THE END!

Re The Queen  From: pauline Tait 25 Sep 2016 (01:00)
Oddly I have had a conversation recently about the Queen and her faith a friend's son is a political aid for John Arnott MP the queen has a strong faith reads and adhere's to the bible and has had many conversations with many various Born again Christian evangelists whom she would invite to the palace for a private audience. I recall also a conversation about Princess Diana coming to faith 3 weeks before her death. She knelt and received Jesus as Saviour and Lord in a small dusty room at the Lighthouse Fellowship where she (Diana) was visiting AIDS patients.. She also explained that the Royal family are prevented by the government from making any public declaration of faith or being seen to favour a particular religion or denomination ridiculous I know actually it's scandalous