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Jehovah Nissi From: June Ritchie 18 May 2016 (10:16)
Yes it's so true! The Lord is my banner and I have the joy like every disciple has of being able to lift it up before others at times of what should be deep distress.
There are a lot of Christians who have gone through similar experiences to mine when the heart decides to let it's displeasure be known. they are far from joyful times and one has to deal with them in the way that God allows. My own experience was fortunate though deeply stressful as it had commenced over the holiday weekend and meant a swift trip to the surgery who then after testing had decided to panic and send me off to the A and E section for help and survival.
I say survival even though I personally never had any doubts about it at all God was with me all the way my speech was unimpaired and I chose to make light of the whole thing even as the medics panicked! How we behave in public at such times matters a great deal I have always thought so.
yet it seems to me that on this occasion a bad situation was turned into something better by the fact that the Lord was ever present and the spirit within had ample chance to let its plea be heard to the Father as I was helplessly in the hands of the medics. While a part of me was refusing to believe that this was in fact happening to me the other part of me that is buried so deeply in the written word of God chose to rise up and place before the throne that which I believed would keep me safe and in His presence. Problem was I was never left alone! So the choice is that the banner then is become open to view among men. The question is do we persist or desist. I'm so glad that the Lord was my strength in this and as I was guided scripturally strength giving words tripped off my tongue and I ignored the looks and the converse going on around me to stay in the presence of God in my troubles.
Now as I look back on the whole incidentI call the occasion simply my heart scare, because that's how I see it. I haven't left the everlasting arms since it all began and despite the results and the consequences I know that the Lord has all under control. His banner was well and truly lifted up in it all and He showed me how faithful He is when such things strike. Looking back I realise I could have reacted in fear but instead I was helped to react in faith. Because of that I know my plight was made better and I was kept safely throughout it all . We live in a totally negative world and one has to include places like hospitals and clinics but we are not called to react to any battle in a negative manner we are to choose to lift that banner of faith high so it can be seen by all men.
The next time you are in trouble choose Jehovah Nissi and see how He undertakes on your behalf. blessings to all. Junex

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Joy  From: David Dawson 22 May 2016 (07:23)
Oh, what joy when I read your awesome testimony of Trust and Faith.
It's a story I hear not to often. As you know it's a lonely walk although around you are your loved oned at your bedside interceding.
The walk to that place where you found the banner is your wall and your walk alone ( each one of us will have to do eventually, even through the rapture it's going to be singular )
When we raise it up, it has two significant meanings
One is waving it victoriously either for the Gospel train to stop. Or to let your rescuers know where you are to cplete your earthly ministry
Praise the Lord see on the battlefield again
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