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Paul's wise words to Timothy From: June Ritchie 05 Oct 2015 (11:27)
1 Timothy 4 V16; Take heed unto thyself and unto the doctrine, continue in them. for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself and them that hear thee.

Took a while but as usually happens Father gives me a new title for a new book
with this one the first thing I felt led to do was to look 'heed' up in the dictionary and I recommend the task to every disciple because the short word opens up endless answers for a disciple's life walk.
The word itself HEED means as follows; To pay close attention. To pay careful attention. To notice.
No skimming through a day of our life blindly. No dashing through assemblies without ever noticing who is there, who is sick and who is missing.
No indifference to the problems of another disciple. No saying to ourselves 'Ive got problems of my own'. no reluctance to put ones hand in ones pocket for a charity or a homeless person. No telling oneself that theres no time today to read my bible because theres too much going on in my life.
To be a good listener putting ones heart into it not a hypocritical smile.
To take every opportunity to speak a word in season and also to make sure we have one to give away to a thirsty listener.
To notice when there is someone with us who is low in spirit and make an effort to lift them up into a better place.