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FORUM > Listening to God > Paul's wise words to Timothy

Paul's wise words to Timothy From: June Ritchie 05 Oct 2015 (11:27)
1 Timothy 4 V16; Take heed unto thyself and unto the doctrine, continue in them. for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself and them that hear thee.

Took a while but as usually happens Father gives me a new title for a new book
with this one the first thing I felt led to do was to look 'heed' up in the dictionary and I recommend the task to every disciple because the short word opens up endless answers for a disciple's life walk.
The word itself HEED means as follows; To pay close attention. To pay careful attention. To notice.
No skimming through a day of our life blindly. No dashing through assemblies without ever noticing who is there, who is sick and who is missing.
No indifference to the problems of another disciple. No saying to ourselves 'Ive got problems of my own'. no reluctance to put ones hand in ones pocket for a charity or a homeless person. No telling oneself that theres no time today to read my bible because theres too much going on in my life.
To be a good listener putting ones heart into it not a hypocritical smile.
To take every opportunity to speak a word in season and also to make sure we have one to give away to a thirsty listener.
To notice when there is someone with us who is low in spirit and make an effort to lift them up into a better place.
To start to realise the dangers of acting thoughtlessly towards others.
To rid myself of the curse of an unconcerned attitude.
To accept fully that God's word holds all I need to teach me to live and walk aright. To know it to be my own persoanl responsibility no excuses but honest acceptance of it. Thats taking heed of what God wants from me.
How about you? Bless you. junex
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Heed indeed  From: Geoff Leckey 06 Oct 2015 (10:44)
Well put June, I see it in life and in Church, 3 of us a quite a while ago during prayer well after prayer, in meditation, said that people were coming into church and all they got was a brief hello and a handshake, so we agreed that we would stay and make every effort to make people welcome and observe with the eyes and in the Spirit those who maybe suffering or are lost and we make sure they know that they are welcome and that we really do care, sometimes this may take a few weeks but the Lord guides us and the rewards are so beautiful.

On Sunday I was really blessed, months ago I noticed a young boy maybe 10yrs old or so running about during the service with a plastic dagger, I had a word with him nicely about the dangers of knives, I must say my countenance is probably a bit scary to some but it is what the Lord gave me, I noticed he had a sister who is barely in her teens also, over the ensuing weeks he became calmer, helpful and really changed. The parents are never seen and the children are always hungry so my wife and her prayer partner started talking to them slowly and carefully gaining trust and giving love. A few weeks ago they brought a toddler into the church maybe 12 months old, I observed them quietly, they looked after that child and cared for it as well as any loving mother I have seen. I now greet them but do not talk so much as the Lord put it in my heart that it was better the ladies did it, however I greeted the sister with the child and the child took one look at me and bust into tears. This last week I saw the sister carrying the child and she said he has had a haircut so I said that was nice and looked good, the toddler looked at me and instead of crying I got the biggest most beautiful smile, Now thats what I call a blessing.

So yes heeding has its own rewards that smile well I don't have the words to convey what I felt, except, Thank you Lord.

Gods blessings on all

a smile? what can it do.  From: June Ritchie 08 Oct 2015 (19:59)
as a watchman I look into all that happens globally and see by guidance of the Lord that every sign that occurs is that troubles are going to deepen before Christs return. I have never been a mother so never had full charge of a child who is a toddler for more than a few hours. sharing the care? yu understand.
But suddenly within this last decade my heart suddenly started to feel like the mother of every child I see in England! I admit it freely. Wherever I go I seem to see these little ones and my heart flips with loving concern for them. no they are not my family and yet! compassion wells up inside of my spirit and I just have to show that young child Gods love and kindness. i give them a smile of love and a childlike wave of the hand and watch the response sometimes its sad but many times its breathtaking. At 74 how long do I have to suffer all thats happening in the world and my country but these little ones this is the time they need all our encouragement and all our love . I feed on every happy smile I get in return and my heart lifts with them. too. There are many adults out there who need our smiles and greetings too and often they are struggling with life and its assailing problems. so no dont skim through crowds and dont ignore sad faces give them a smile thats sincere and see the difference yu can make. junex