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conquering fears From: June Ritchie 16 Jul 2015 (11:53)
from early childhood I had many fears of a wide range I learnt to fear and to worry and it didnt leave till I found Jesus Christ. fear of the dark was my worst fear of death was my second today neither of these things affect me at all.
God is good to me I feel He digs them out of our souls and sets us free to be strong where we need to be strong. But fear of being alone was a worrier for me. that dogged me until Jim had his heart op a couple of years ago all the ways that fear could hurt me were faced and God sorted out the issues involved with being alone even the inability to answer the phone.!
Thank God for friends I now have a phone and I can text anyone I need to.
But now I face yet again another weeks space without the support of my hubby /carer. Am I afraid? NO> I am looking forward to peace, to getting on with my anointed work plan and am going to see just how independent I can be without his smiling presence. even at a time when I am facing hosital and clinic visits to make things more unpleasant. I take my hat off to the Lord. His words. FEAR NOT! and BE OF GOOD CHEER echo in my head . I shall face all and shall come through because He will be very much with me as my shepherd and guide. Being alone for me can be a silent world but this time I welcome the peace and look forward to it even as I admit. JESUS DID THAT FOR ME. cheers everyone. junex