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FORUM > Listening to God > When God speaks act!

When God speaks act! From: June Ritchie 09 Jul 2015 (13:41)
On our recnt trip to South Wales our new friends prayed for me over my disability to walk long distances. Having the pavement car on the promenade was lovely but I so longed to climb over the rocky area and walk out over the sands to reach the waves they were beckoning me so much but balance can be an issue. They placed their hands on me as man and wife and prayed.
Jackie the wife is a lovely gentle soul after the prayer before they left our caravan she spoke earnestly to me saying. 'Tomorrow you will walk over those stones safely and go on the sands to the sea!' I was truly struck by the way she said this in such a lovely firm faith manner. In the morning it rained but by lunchtime the sun came out greatly, it was lovely and warm and at last I felt able to take my lone walk. But would I make it across to the sands safely?
All week God had been speaking to me about the faith chapter in Hebrews 11 I decided that after my sisters words previously i should stretch my faith out and attempt it with just my walking stick! hmm not easy. Off I went and stood planning where to make my attempt on the stony slopes that led down to the sands. Slowly and carefully I went step by step holding onto big rocks for my balance all the while listening to Jackies words from the night before.
I made it while others on the prom glanced at me as if I was a fool for taking the risk. From there I walked along the sands to the waves that were starting to come in with the tide. The sound was glorious all the while quoting Gods word in Verse 1 and 2 in Hebrews 11 then I was inspired and wrote my message in the sand Jesus loves you and a little nearer By grace ye are saved through faith. walking sticks are useful out there! LOL. Then on to right at the waters edge listening the sound of the crashing and the mighty movement of the waters. Suddenly I felt my own song composed from Psalm 93 V4 years before rising up in me, so I stood and sang looking out across the waters. Top of my voice!
The Lord is mightier than the sound of many waters,
The Lord is mightier than the mighty waves of the sea,
repeated twice it makes a lovely chorus and the music of it has remained in my head over the years.
It was a glorious half hour there, before I decided to move on reluctantly and find my way back up to a safer level place. There was a climb to make and I walked step by step quoting words of faith in Acts 3 V16 my faith remained sound in the midst of the efforts needed because of the power of Gods written word. The rescuers were on duty and gazed at me and others but there were no incidents indeed one young man paid me a compliment in calling me GAM!
I found that so amusing really. It was a wondrous time and was equally blessed to be asked to give testimony in the Welsh church we visited that night.
people who love Jesus are the same wherever you live but Jackie was blessed that I had taken her words and done something good with them. If someone speaks to you in a prophetic manner listen to them. junexx
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15 second rule  From: pauline Tait 10 Jul 2015 (11:53)
Thank you for sharing I totally agree with you. There is a book and I expect I have got the title wrong it might be the 15 second rule or the 45 second rule but the point is when God speaks act because if you wait the devil will quickly talk you out of it and if not him your own lack of confidence so when God says Go go and when He says speak speak

stepping out in faith  From: David Dawson 15 Jul 2015 (21:06)
awesom testimony ..i wonder who was really carrying you over the sands ptl

footsteps in the sand  From: June Ritchie 16 Jul 2015 (11:23)
David yu cracked it! LOL ya know I never even remembered the poem till yu put this in. but have known it many years and a sis of mine has the pictur up on her wall in living room. yu get so accustomed to seeing things really.
At the time of the attempt was concentrating my efforts in my verse of faith in the heart and mind as well as determination to reach close to the thrashing waves. A love for souls made me pasue to write the salvation message but the attitude of worship that came after getting to my goal was a wondrous thing.
Obviously looking at my life I can agree with yu it was the Lord carrying me forth to achieve it all just as He promised the night before. By the way I dont even need to close my eyes and stop to re create the awesomeness of that scene that day it is all so clearly still with me. I do give Him all the glory for letting me have that lovely time for my memory box I hope to make more by going to Kenya in january. love june