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Are you listening? I am. From: June Ritchie 21 Jun 2015 (12:54)
So many signs of change and many of them not going to be good. well one could go into despair or even into a panic saying what now Lord!
This week I've been reminded of this saying; But when the Son of Man comes will He find faith on earth? This was quite an eye opener to catch me up in thought but then God woke me up with Hebrews 11 V1; Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Two nights of this while in bed and yu know its God speaking about a very important thing!
Of course a new book began from that but also my spirit is working out just what God is saying to me about my life at this time.
Have yu any idea how many folks come up to yu with negative confessions and opinions when they hear yur going to do something that looks crazy for God? I have! A pensioner of my age going to a foreign land? perish the thought june! well folks I'm not giving up am going forth at the time elected sand that despite anything any other person has to say about it. My life doesnt belong to me but to Jesus and if he says go then go yu must but it WILL take faith! hence the message from Father God. I expect to have my spirit excercised with Hebrews 11 for the next few months till December when my crazy trip will begin if its for my good whose complaining not me! have had battles of faith much of forty odd years with Jesus so it wont stop now and yet why do I feel this is a deeper issue now? because in todays climate if I dont get my faith into a place where it pleases God I too will fall down when i SHUD BE RISING UP! Yes I have hope but now see that hope isnt enough faith has to be stronger than hope or the promnises of God will fail to materialise in my life and ministry. Well at 74 today am not dead yet am going on but now know I need to go on in a positives attitude by my faith not by any given opinions or any pitfalls that may come my way. The Lord knows what He is doing and I want that bit of blessing that belongs to me. As a Kingdom child the Promises of God are Yea and Amen so from today will take hold ot them and not the voices of the enemy or of other people to prevent my blessings coming forth. faith rises up it doesnt fall down! I hope yu all agree with that. Bless all! xx

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faith  From: David Dawson 15 Jul 2015 (21:22)
onward christian soldier we may get waylaid with all bits of flesh packing up or dropping off .. we cant run up the streets handing out flyers or run to the beach when we could.. in Eph 6 12 God loves us, but He wants our knees praying in the spirit interceding doing battle as the Holy Ghost guides our prayers over situations and circumstances we are not always privy to..
Eph_6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
praise the Lord

Honour Your Elders:  From: David Boucher 24 Aug 2015 (16:09)
The sages of old (Rabbis) had a saying:

“One who takes advice from elders never stumbles”

And also each age had a purpose:

...[i]at sixty for old age[/i] [i.e., for to be an elder],
...at seventy for gray hairs,
...at eighty [his survival reflects] special strength....

Gray hair (being old) is looked down upon in our society, but in the times of the Bible, it was considered beautiful (Prov. 20:29), and greatly desired as a “crown of splendor” (Prov. 16:31). This came with respect and honour “Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the LORD” (Lev. 19:32). And also we can learn so much wisdom from those who have experienced much in life - through living life's experiences. If only I as a younger man had listened to those who were my "elders", I may have been spared much pain.

Also don't forget John fell as though dead before the man with hair as “white as snow” (Rev. 1:14), an obvious pictorial allusion to the wisdom of his Lord. ;-)

So let the young rail in their folly, as for me I will serve the Lord and do what he tells me.

Keep looking unto Jesus June, the author and finisher of our faith.

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KEEP ON KEEPING ON  From: TREFLYN JONES 25 Aug 2015 (14:21)
If God told me to go and speak to the woman next door I would be there in an instant. Going next door is easy but travelling to foreign lands makes us imagine all sorts of reasons for not going. What if this should happen? What if, What if, What if. We then build up a picture of trouble difficulty and disaster. None of these are real, the enemy plans them to discourage us. We've already given up before we have started! If God tells you to do it, then he's got it covered, if God hasn't told you to do it, then you better pray.
The word of God says in Romans 8:25 "But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience". If God has given this to you, then let it bring peace into your life. How wonderful to be obedient to God. Not just in the little things we are asked to do, but in the big things as well. Don't seek man's approval, you don't need it, and some people just don't get it. Praise God, he has given you a measure of Faith and Jesus said that you need to have Faith the size of a mustard seed. God bless you on your journey. Let us know of your plans and progress so we can lift you up in prayer.