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FORUM > Listening to God > The Prayer Closet a Chiding

The Prayer Closet a Chiding From: David Dawson 03 May 2015 (11:01)
Joining a chat Christian Music website after perusing very good comments I joined in with mine, thinking its going to be a short comment . But ended up sharing some personal experiences in the closet.
In the closet the Holy Spirit brought forth a learning and chiding to me and whosoever has ears.
I made this comment on this website
Yes we can be duped in our prayer walk I agree with all the comments and the Amen.
We can walk with Him and we can talk with Him in our every day business. Jesus gives an example Many times he was absent seeking an audience with his Father
Its importatant we should follow His example
The bible Matthew 6v6 instructs us to go and sit at His feet in the closet
This is the business room where there is no time factor, no food, kids, mobiles,no door bell all disconnected, all you need is your sword and a glass of water..
Its a quiet place where you can sing and pray in the spirit, where and tears flow from nose and eyes, There is groanings and then joy of being in His presence. It's the time of one to one its the time where you can hear the Father speak because in our daily lifes we can be to busy doing.and going our own way and having no quality time with the Lord. It is here we learn how to be humble before His Almighteness which overcomes beyond mans imaginations or understandings
Its a.place of patience a place revelation a place of assurance. Also a place of rebuke a place knowing your forgiven.. In this room you fall prostrate on the ground it is here He lifts you up and you sit at His feet in awe and wonder
Pls saints let this encourage you many are being duped that casual chats mainly one way are suffice. Pls reconsider be like the Ex demoniac who was covered by Christ's righteousness and of a sound mind who sat waiting before the Lord
Luke 8v35 gb Bro dave
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Isaiah's supernatural experience   From: June Ritchie 22 May 2015 (12:03)
He saw the Lord high and lifted up and His train filled the temple.
He was filled with awe and humility. He was deeply aware of his own weaknesses and shortcomings. he felt sorrow for his sins and the sins of the people he lived among! WHY?
Because he saw the Lord seated on the throne both high and lifted up.
Yes the reaction was good and he was suitably humbled by it..
But ya know seeing the the Lord Almighty seated on the throne can make a big difference in our attitude towards Him! we do treat Him far too casually for a lot of the time. Because we love the fact that He is declared to be our Father. Nothing wrong with that but He is in fact our heavenly Father! How do we constantly treat this wonderful Heavenly Being on such equal terms throughout life? (Even the ministers on our podiums need to face the One upon the throne!) Without ever getting to the point where we approach the throne in holy fear and endeavouring to ask permission to sit at His feet to hear His judgements. IN HOLY FEAR. Aware of His Awesomeness!
Aware of the fact we are not merely saints, but saved sinners who are only welcomed in by the grace put on us by Jesus Christ. If we saw Him on the throne we wouldnt take Him for granted so often. If we saw Him on the throne we would alter our tone and our attitude dramatically just as Isaiah did!
We are not just Christians we are His servants! And earthly at best.
Well Jim bought me a new computer chair and insisted it be an executive one. And Oh my! It's definitely in the throne category. Special to both look at and admire. (Also awesome to sit on)
Okay, if we can feel so aware that our special chairs are worthy of note?
How do we really feel about this fact?. Our God is the Almighty and He is seated on a throne, so high! that we are all little creatures on the earth below Him according to the book of Psalms! We need more respect. We need less taking Him for granted attitudes. We need holier worship both in and out of churches.
And we also need to enter the closet to meet the one who is seated on the Throne! Doing so in the way that will please Him and bring answers to prayer.
My favourite request? Lord move your mighty right arm on our behalf.
We need to get a vision of Him doing just that because then our faith will rise up in an way that's unconquerable. Blessings everyone. junex
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Amen Wonder   From: David Dawson 23 May 2015 (10:58)
I thought your comment was exciting to read .When we try to express His presence to others some don't understand.
I really thought others may have shared their time in the closet or quiet time with our Father without crossing over into their deeper intimacy with the Lord.. It's just wonderful when sons and daughters collectively share The presence of our Father ..forgive me if I'm encroaching a very special place you have

Entering into the closet  From: June Ritchie 25 May 2015 (11:05)
Bless ya Dave! when a very young disciple I studied the four gospels constantly it did me so much good day after day. but one of the things that stuck then and forever was the words of Jesus to enter into thy closet in secret and shut the door and there in the secret place talk to God for then he rewards us openly (not word perfect but true) I was entirely convinced and from then on sought to practise it long and often. the result was many things that God had to say I ventured to share to other disciples. Sadly a large percentage of the time I would receive the warning but hurtful comment 'You are becoming super spiritual' didnt really know what it meant then but it didnt sound nice.
As I began to write a book I felt a stirring. The facts speak for themselves if you spend time with God alone you are going to get blessed in a way others wont recognise or understand. some will be susp[icious, some jealous and a chosen few will meet what is said with the knowledge that they too want to be in that place of spending time in the closet and receiving gems!
Gems are to be both admired and shared but I suppose how we share them is a big issue. Isaiah's time with God before the throne is one of the most precious gems of the word. But how do earthly beings like ourselves get there?
The answer is the closet pure and simple but what we finally see when we get there can be a shock and awe issue . Ya know the bible is a treasure trove of gems and the Holy Ghost in us opens our eyes to see gem after gem, rubies among the pearls the reward is priceless, the sacrifice can be real.
In my younger years I detested an over busy period of my life whenever it came up because i instinctively knew it robbed me of time alone with my Father! To sit on His knee? can be relevant! Or to sit at His feet and hear secret after secret. Mysteries of the universe. HMM! dangerous place that.
Or is it? What could be more precious in these days! Very often my bedtime hours are full of gems and I wouldnt change a thing! love ya junex
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