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heavenly musings From: June Ritchie 02 Apr 2015 (10:44)
I sometimes think how poor I would have been if I hadnt been brought up to be an avid reader. One thing for certain had I not been I would have missed out on a very special time of history when writers try to feed us with the finest of the wheat! My reading has spanned nearly two centuries of books over a wide range of spiritual subjects, not forgetting the fact that a number of auto buiographies have come my way that are still very precious today because of the way they have moved me to grow even closer to Jesus.
This is 2015 and as I face my 45th birthday in Jesus Christ, a trip to a charity shop revealed a surprise of a couple of really good books. I bought them for a song which is a real blessing but its a blessing that has continued since the first one is a testimony of a couple who found salvation during the Charismatic period (which matches our experience too) but the way they were led and the healing of terminal cancer in the wife has brought many fresh thoughts to my heart. All that is good but then I began to read the second book written by a South Korean lady after salvation its called, 'Heaven is so real'.
So now I have gone from a blessing of seeing God move willing servants to a woman who has been used by Christ to write a prophetic book describing heavenly places in such a way that it proves thought provoking and fascinating. I have to be honest and add that at 74 this year heaven is now one of my favourite subjects. And yet even I could never have seen and understood the mind blowing things that Our Saviour led this lady through over a period of time in an effort to get His children to become more heavenly minded and less earthly minded. I hasten to add that the book is written for the lost and the backslider as well as those who have never moved on from mere religion. So much scriptural comment is added in it to prove that this is no high flight of fancying and i for one am glad to note that factor. Thoughts come up like 'Do I deserve to go to heaven to be with my Lord? or 'Am I doing enough and remaining fruitful in His service?
I have to be honest the closeness between this lady and our beautiful Jesus has me gasping and wondering how soon can I reach that same place of sheer communion? The description in it of what hell is like (for she was shown it) and the description of the Rapture and the happenings after it have moved my spirit in a way that no other has! As we Christians we love to ponder realising that heaven is real but the stark fact is that hell is real too and the writer's experience of seeing loved ones in a place where she couldnt reach them has put some fire in my soul over my own family who insist on staying outside of salvation. Horrifying to contemplate! well tomorrow will be more than just celebrating my salvation birthday it will be a prayerful time as I seek God's face to do better in 2015 than I have in my previous 45yrs. I've decided I want to go to heaven so much that I shall spend the final times of my life on earth making sure of it. In whatever way God chooses for me! Hope your own Easter's are a wonderful time of God speaking to you. AMEN love junexx
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