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FORUM > Listening to God > Reflection - He is risen

Reflection - He is risen From: Fiona Antoni 28 Mar 2015 (19:24)

Lord I try to imagine how Mary Magdalene felt when you died
She was still in turmoil the day she went to Your tomb
Hoping to find comfort there, that somehow she could feel closer to You
But she found the tomb empty
I can feel her pain, her anguish
The only man who had ever truly loved her was gone
A man who had accepted her even knowing her reputation
A man who had taught her and spoken such words of wisdom
A man filled with love and tenderness
And oozing compassion
The thought of living without Him was unimaginable
Her Master, her Teacher gone forever
The tears flowed and her heart was broken
"Where have you taken Him?" she asked the angels who were in the tomb
She turned away with tears flowing down her face
Her heart heavy, believing His body had been stolen
Not only was He dead but now there was no body
No tomb to visit - He had disappered
Loneliness and sorrow engulfed her
A man nearby asked why she was crying
As He spoke her name,"Mary"
She recognised Him - It was the Master
Her sadness turned to joy
Her mourning into dancing
New hope flooded her soul
The Lord had risen