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An evening of revelation of God`s unconditional love. From: James Byrne 22 Mar 2015 (09:05)
Having grown up with a drunken father, Violence and fear were the norm, Then when i was Fifteen years old, I drifted into spiritualism and became a medium. I believe Jesus had his hand upon my life throughout that period in my life, I just wasn`t listening. Many folks are looking for happiness in all the wrong places, My testimony gives many examples of this. How i believed every word the spirits told me until i discovered how misleading and horrible they can be. At that point , Jesus stepped in and wiped all these things from my life. My Story is funny, sad and very moving at times. It also tells why no one should seek out spirits, Only Jesus Christ. I have first hand experience of this truth.
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???  From: pauline Tait 28 Mar 2015 (14:53)
Ok this is great but is it me where is the evening?

  From: James Byrne 03 Apr 2015 (22:31)
I will speak on this subject wherever anyone chooses to ask me to. The church should be more outspoken about these issues