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Salute to Calvary From: June Ritchie 08 Mar 2015 (14:24)
Right in the midst of an awful bout of chest infection for three weeks I had reached the crisis point where one cannot feel any worse! the nights were defintiely the worst physically. An ordeal and totally draining in a drawn out sense through lost sleep. So where can we go for comfort? Well I spent them coughing and trying to sing praises in a tough situation. Too ill to do much in the way of the Easter poetry book.
And yet as I hit my lowest the Holy Ghost chose that very moment to bring me all night long into the presence of God. Long loved choruses with angelic voices to give me continued encouragement. Occasional snatches of a little sleep to be woken up with the same anthems again and again. Awesome!
However at around 3am suddenly was awake with words of worship poetry flowing into my mind. Not good when ones eyes find it difficult to focus in illness. But the words were so astoundingly beautiful I couldnt stay in bed and so struggled up and into lounge to write down the words that just kept coming!
After reading them over was over awed at the fact they were so very different to anything I had written in a lifetime of Christian poetry. I crept back to bed and slept well for awhile. Once I was up for the day I chose to put them onto the computer as part of the new book only to find them flowing once more so that the actual poem took up the whole two centre pages. AWESOME!
To me this time of year is so special since Good friday is my 45th birthday in Jesus. I want to bless any who will read this tribute to the Lord Jesus Christ so am putting it onto here but a copy of the book is available to any who get in touch and ask for one.

Salute to Calvary

O mighty king, why art thou scarred?
Thou who hast reigned enthroned afar,
Who once placed each star in it's space
and bid the wind and rain give place,

O mighty Lord, both bloodied and still
who calmed the storm by your great will,
Who faced the madman unafraid,
And healed the leper, tho' price still unpaid,

O mighty Jesus, calm amidst foes,
Thy blood now streaming from thy toes,
Who suffered a beggar to come unto thee,
By thy word a dead son set free,

O great Redeemer, thy back so scarred and torn,
Crowned above all human crowns worn,
Who cried, 'It is finished,' amidst great pain,
And then rose up once more to reign,

O Christ, we adore thee, to now mercy implore
that others may find and enter heaven's door,
So lovingly you paid our cost of sin,
To cause thy church to rise and battles win.

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