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FORUM > Listening to God > If yu quit yu lose out!

If yu quit yu lose out! From: June Ritchie 28 Jan 2015 (11:54)
It's been a tough January and a few months previous had struggles in them as well. Pain and life's problems had begun to complicate things daily and weekly and I just was feeling it was time to quit this book ministry after a decade of service. Everything piles up and seems to get too much so that one wants to yell out, I quit!. One day after working at the PC solidly for hours I took off to bed after lunch and slept well for some hours. to get up ready to try again despite the stress. That went on till New Year crept in and for the midnight service I determined to be in the service. Not easy that, but was conscious of the Holy Spirit saying inside me almost constantly, 'Dont quit, Dont quit!' wasn't sure why . Lots of folks got up to testify what God had done in the year 2014 and here was me with a year of strugglesome issues to recover from.
Being suddenly taken with severe stomach pain it was complicated by the Lord saying, 'stand up and tell the truth that testings must and will come even as they have come to you'. Oh! I was reluctant, but once the last one came away all of a sudden my stomach was free from pain and I knew I had to obey God. So I did. Telling truths about a year of trials is not easy, but suddenly what followed after was to utter a message to the church about facing what was coming in 2015 as an army and not just as children of God. My attitude had become strong and bold and I just gave it out. Friends, I cannot count how many times in the last four or five years I have wondered if it was time to quit. What is it that keeps me going on? It's a mystery till I look at folks like David being hunted for years by a crazy king Saul. Till I look at Sampson a wrecked hero who humbled himself for one last chance at his enemies. GOD ! it is GOD who makes the difference. It's like He puts some iron back into our soul that though we're ready to stumble we know we can go on and be strong again.
Is it faith or trust or just a perseverance God pours down to cope and not quit! Many years ago in the midst of severe financial struggles I lay in bed feeling pretty depressed and quite suddenly some words were dropped into my spirit. 'Bearing all with fortitude'. It was a word I didnt know well and so checked it in the dictionary the actual meaning is spot on and since then my Lord has reminded me at intervals of that same sentence which you can find in Paul's letters.! Now think of the first four letters---FORT!
Then we are called to stand like a FORT when beleagured by the indians as they surround us. A funny example but very relevant doncha think. LOL!
No I'm still in a place of struggle having in this very first month been to a family funeral for the unsaved. Not a happy time. But no I'm not quitting till God tells me the fight is over. Like Rocky Balboa I fight on even if a bit punch drunk at times. God's grace and love still carries me and holds me up when I need it.
I couldn't be more grateful to Him for all His support and help even when the going gets tougher than I hoped for. I am learning to carry on without seeing all the solutions beforehand and also when answers are delayed. Yes there are a few of them but being a quitter is not an option, for one of God's soldiers.
I know I don't live smooth or sleep in a cradle but among soldiers in an army. He will make me an overcomer even as it grows dark. Junex
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HIWATHA  From: David Dawson 18 Feb 2015 (23:43)
true servants of God die with there boots on [quote John Wayne] .
your desire to keep on going that extra mile [quote late John Murphy]
which is only what the Lord expects.
But He has oasis's where we can stop rejoice singing glorifying His wonderful Name a place to be refreshed.
when we were younger we could bypass a couple these and go to the next.
Our hearts want to run but the flesh is not the same no more.
So we need to force ourselve away from the dusty trail ,
get the chuck wagon out and rejoice and again i say rejoice. dance with the angels. dance with your loved ones dance in the beauty of the Holy Ghost .
tears of joy will flood the heavenlies haha

OOH DAVID   From: June Ritchie 21 Feb 2015 (15:36)
In the mist of a chest virus yu made me smile and it felt good!
Bin hard to do that for a week for viruses are not funny nor do they feel good nor do they help us sleep it away. I looked again at my words first and felt comforted, then I looked at yurs and felt even more comforted as I smiled and felt at peace. Yep sufferings come and this one did. And right at the time that I usually begin to prepare the Easter poetry book. But flesh wanted to wallow in the misery of tiredness, coughing and little food. I dont mean any of that to sound sad folks because listen what I got displayed in my overnight sufferings was So Precious! There I was stuck away from the PC. fighting to try and sing praises at 3 and 4 a.m. but all and I mean ALL the time my SPIRIT was singing songs old and new and creating the new poetry for the 2015 book!
Nothing however tough was able to shut my Spirit within up! It went on hour after hour being both horridly and gloriously awake in the midst of coughings and nose blows!
Once or twice I managed to wake my eyes to see enuff to write sum words down to remind me for when well to get on. John Wayne eh? Well we have him among our faves jim and me our spirits go for whatever issue he finds he must stand out for. And no, he doesnt quit when it gets difficult. Thank GOD Jesus didnt either! Thank God for the Calvary plan that set me free and standing for truth in the midst of fires and deep waters. Thank GOD He rose and now heaven is all I wait for after my service ends. I'm not perfected but the blood of Christ hasnt run out. The world darkens but the light in my soul just refuses to leave!!! I dont want to be superficial, ignoring all that goes on around me, I want my eyes to remain open to dangers everywhere and see the needs to pray all around me. Life is a battle yes? Well we can overcome as we believe and carry on. There's a harvest to gain but there's always seeds sown first and there is the rub! Its the seeds that bring forth the harvest! And that goes for us all. A scary thought that in my book, though many I know may disagree. How many unbelievers have been wiped out in an instant just since Christmas? Doesnt bare thinking about, or does it. The fact that sudden death come at any time is what I see as food for thought. Ya know the old song, my youth was; (I may not pass this way again) there are no second chances to live life better. There are no two ways to do it. There are no two paths to follow.
Its strait and narrow and it shouldnt deviate in any way from God's approval. Not easy that! John Wayne was an actor but in reality he fought cancer and that does make for more careful thinking for a lot. The darkness deepens but the church has to stay in the light or the narrow path is missed.
Life is a battle but we are called by Paul to fight the good fight. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life.
So we have to choose and stick with it. Then the new word in our calling has to be stickability! May we choose right to the end and never deviate for any reason not even a well meaning friend or family. Blessings junex
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pun  From: David Dawson 25 Feb 2015 (13:38)
PS.. couldnt help the pun [not intended[ re our comment about .the wild west
you mentioned the everlasting importance of CALVARY work of salvation,
my mind went back to wild west and the importance of the CAVALRY turning up at the last minute to safe the day for John wayne

Calvary or Cavalry  From: June Ritchie 26 Feb 2015 (22:49)
well I accept that in reality John Wayne would have been very relieved to see the soldiers turning up to rescue him from a bad spot. Wouldn't we all?
The fact of the matter is that we are on course fighting the good fight and making our way through countless trials and hindrances. And frankly some of them just seem absolutely never ending! But hey, what do we do ? stop moving on? start to cry like babies? or just blow a tantrum and throw our toys out of the pram! None of these are appropriate. Rocky stood in the ring and took all the punches aimed at him. John Wayne and other film heroes faced the foes of the war they were in and stayed taking all the ensuing punishment to the very end. Looks easy on film but not so easy in real life, one of the reasons for that is bad choices that bring about some tough results.
Endurance, Perseverance and Fortitude. Three attitudes that will take us through to the very end because the heavenly Cavalry isnt coming until the last planned bullet is fired. We are called to STAND! and told firmly in EPHES>6
Having done all TO STAND, STAND THEREFORE. Couldnt be plainer than that. Theres no Superman around to appear on the scene of crisis but there is the mighty hand of God . That wonderful sentence in Gen. For I have heard their cry and am come down to deliver them. Take a good look at Englands bloggers and see how many of them actually live in hope of deliverance from all that is boiling beneath the surface. Hate, fear, Bitterness? These are not ways to move the heart of God on the behalf of men. If we ever needed protection its now! If we ever needed some miracles its now! and they are available to all those who believe. God's Cavalry will come at the right time as we carry on working and trusting. We cant be defeated unless we want to be.
But these are definitley stand up and be counted days. They are not sitting on the fence days time has run out for that. Think of Pauls words that judgement will begin in the house of God . That is the CHURCH. And we are the CHURCH. If we never polish our shoes they will not look very presentable for long. If we never wash our clothes we will not be popular with those around us for long. Theres a purity needed and a desire to walk firmly on the path of truth. Pretenders and folks with hidden motives can cause some chaos if we watch our Parliament scene we see that being played out. Examining our motives takes courage and honesty. And its time for all to walk in that same path of unity to bring about much needed victories. Bless the readers. Junex