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FORUM > Listening to God > New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution From: Fiona Antoni 09 Jan 2015 (20:30)
On New Years Eve 2010 I asked God was there anything he would like me to share with the church . I got this poem and shared it with the church but as I was reading it again a few weeks ago I thought it is still relevant for 2015 and thought I would share it on Task Jesus. Ive called it new years resolution only because of the time of year I wrote it.

Are we too busy for You Lord
Are we too busy to care
Do we rush this way and that way
And finish tired with no time for prayer

Its time for us to make a change
Now that the New Year is here
Let us take a rest from our busyness
And spend more time in prayer

Through prayer He will warn us of things yet to be
And daily give us direction
But if we are too busy to pray
We may lose the Lords protection

Not because He doesnt love us
But if we dont take time to pray
We are not always open to His leading
And may not hear what He has to say

The days are getting darker
And evil through and through
We need to stay alert in prayer
So we know what He wants us to do

For the time of the end is close at hand
And soon our Messiah will come
If we are too busy how will we know
And be ready at the sound of the trump

Its time to seek Him about all that we do
And not to do things our own way
But listen each day for His promptings
When we take to our closets to pray

EXCELLENT  From: TREFLYN JONES 12 Jan 2015 (15:35)
Hi Fiona

Happy New Year Fiona.

That is excellent.
Please be encouraged to share more of your poetry with us on TaskJesus.

I am going to produce a DVD of Christian poetry, so if you are up for it please let me know, filming would take place in our green screen studio here in Warrington.

Anyone else who reads this post and who is a poet please contact me if you would like to have your poems on the DVD.