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washing feet From: David Dawson 07 Dec 2014 (17:39)
A brother in th Lord asked a very relevant question about is washing the feet as Jesus did to the disciples relevant today

Some say It's about following Christ example being a servant to each other
Much can be derived from this scriptur, primarily its about understanding forgiving and being forgiven and setting an example of humility Irrespective how tough it is the low being as important as those in positions He is.non respect or of persons.
But the real meaning is Jesus can wash any of ur filthiest sins away by His Precious Blood..The drying is sealing of the Hooy Spirit And that ur sins is buried in the deepest ocean etc.
Also it establishes if we pick up a bit more dirt and confess He is humble to wash it away again. How many times they asked.Jesus said.7X70 .

a reply from June  From: June Ritchie 22 Jan 2015 (12:21)
I would like to reply to this simply because in the early nineties I was present at a retreat for women where the washing feet ceremony took place. It was a very emotionally dramatic time for those who took part in it. Two of the most special there were two ladies who were wives of the same man! only for one it had ended in a rather bitter divorce but the other was happily married to the guy.
After prayer the invite was given to choose for oneself who you wanted to wash the feet of. Up to this point it had began a bit stiff but soon the air grew charged with the Spirit of God as the new wife walked over to the bowl and went over to the older wife to minister to her with tears and love it was a gesture that was eagerly returned and it broke the remaining ice for from then on the choices were as the Spirit of Jesus wanted. My Jim has washed the feet of two men in the last twenty or thirty years as a mark of love and respect to men who loved and mentored him. And both times done with tears and love as well as received lovingly. So yes the act is still relevant if we are brave and loving and honest enough to take part in such a thing. It should still be happening and if it was a new wave of the Spirit could easily arise but maybe I am an optimist on that. The bible is old and our God is the Ancient of Days but it was put in there to prove it's importance so why would we as modernists wish to prove it old fashioned if it's sincere and it works. I personally would love to see it more often and if it became a special ceremony of friends meeting together now and then my heart would increase in hope that love will soon overcome all barriers. The devil would make it irrelevant but not me I am wholeheartedly for it in these last days. Blessings to all. Junex