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FORUM > Meeting Reports > UNITE Weekend at Alfreton

UNITE Weekend at Alfreton From: cedric barber 18 Aug 2014 (20:51)
We held our 37th UNITE event on 16th August up in Derbyshire at the stately Alfreton Hall. This was made available to us through Terry Eckersley and Steve Holmes and our speaker was PETER GLADWIN.

All the local churches were circulated and many posters sent out. Press releases were sent to local newspapers and radio stations to advertise the event. BBC Radio Derby broadcast an interview with Peter (recorded in their Southampton studio). On the Saturday evening, 20 people were present! We’ve never had such a low attendance!! Nevertheless, we were about to be amazed at what the Lord can do! A number of remarkable testimonies came from people in the gathering, we had some great praise and worship, some inspired prayer all followed by the most amazing testimony and ministry of Peter Gladwin. Two young people gave their lives to Jesus for the first time (including Robert the caretaker at the hall), one woman renewed her commitment to the Lord and another young lady was seriously delivered from unclean spirits. What a night! However, the Lord had not finished with us at this stage. Peter, Joan Adams, Jean and Cedric (Unite team) returned to our local B & B just outside Alfreton where we spent the night. The following morning, following a superb breakfast at Chrich Farm, we headed back to Stoke-on-Trent, all of us intending to go to the ‘Potter’s House’ in Stoke-on-Trent to worship. However, God had other plans. After taking a wrong turn and passing through a little village called Watchorn, Jean, Joan and I spotted a church with a number of people standing outside. Nothing unusual about that – it was Sunday morning. But we all said together “Why don’t we go there?” Peter, who was following in his car flashed his lights and we stopped. When I went to him he said “Let’s go to that church!” So we did. We’d never seen or known anything about the church before. It was Watchorn Methodist Church. As soon as we entered we felt so welcome and full of anticipation of what God was going to do. There was a baby (Called Reuben) who was going to be dedicated by the lovely minister, Rev’d John Peters. Before we realised what was happening, Peter Gladwin was given the opportunity to speak instead of the scheduled speaker. Peter spoke and seven people (most of them young) gave their lives to Jesus for the first time!! It was also Jean’s birthday!! We also made many contacts in that beautiful church!!